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Times are changing

I have realized that I need to take more pictures in general. This awesome life that I have is passing me by so quickly and before I know it, I won’t have any visual recollection to fall back on! So, I decided, as a life goal, I’d like to take more pictures. That one picture a day thing seems like an easy concept, but it’s not.

I ended up making a list of things that make me happy that I would like to do on the daily. Some of these items being quite easy to do. Like “Have a cup of tea everyday” and “Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day”. You’d think that these would be easy but the more I make my happy list, the harder it is to complete!

So I’ll be writing about a lot of stuff with my life. My main goal is to do yoga at least 5 times a week and take weekly pictures of how it changes your body.

I’m a big stickler on your body. I feel like post people use theirs like Taxi cabs, getting from one place to another without really maintaining it. I want to be 75 and know that my body is the best I have made it. Besides, you only get one body! But I plan to live long enough for my brain to be implanted into a robot body so there is that.

Here are some weekly art catch ups! But stay tuned. More Clothing tutorials, food updates and everything will come I promise!