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Morning Rituals

I feel as if a lot of people need morning rituals. I for one, am a sucker for them.

My philosophy on being predictable is pretty much I don’t want to be. That just makes it easier for a serial killer to kill you in my opinion. Everyone that always gets screwed over in the movies is the most predictable person there is. so I say “HA! NOT ME!” to that!

But in the mornings, I admit, I do have my rituals. Some I am trying to quit, like checking facebook, instagram, and pinterest before even getting out of bed. That eats up 20-30 minutes out of my morning that I could be doing things that I want to do like 1. Yoga, 2. Reading, 3. Gardening and the list continues. I find that today in the modern age, looking at your phone is a go to. And I for one hate that.

Onto my morning rituals!



My usual breakfast consists of tea. Because coffee is gross in my opinion. (Sacrilege I know!)

I have a fondness for tea like I have a fondness for air. I’m smiling just thinking about all the kinds of teas that are out there 🙂

I’ve been in love with this stuff lately.

Haberno honey

Habanero honey from a local beekeeper. I just say, this stuff can get addicting fast. I’ve been putting it on my peanut butter and graham crackers and it is now part of my ritual <3 Things I have been up to, I am trying to propagate my succulents as of late. On the other hand, I am not quite sure why either. I think it's one of those "I just want to see if I can do it" sort of things. Propgating

One of them has a head start though, so we will see where we will go 🙂 I’m excited.

Lastly, I wanted to share some art I have been working on.




I like to do quick little warm up sketches here and there. These took about 20-30mins to compose. Hope you like them!

What you some of your rituals that you like to do?

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