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How to make an applique- Part One

Hello all! This is just the first part of my “How to make an applique” clothing redo.

I’ll be working on this puppy. Literally.

puppy one

Doesn’t it’s stare just penetrate your soul?

puppy 2

Doesn’t it?

puppy three

Now I know what you are thinking. “Meescha, how can you do that to that poor puppy sweater!?!”

Well because in all honesty, I never where it, but I love the sweater. Or at least the way it looks. I”m also in love with the color. But the puppy face has to go.

First start of with making your pattern. This puppy face is kind of an odd shape, but I’m determined to get around it. Take a piece of paper and your paper scissors and see what you can do. Whatever floats your boat 😀 Within reason.

pattern making

Here I traced out what I needed to cover.

make pattern 2

That should do!

Next comes cutting it out on fabric. I know what you are thinking, “Meescha! Seam allowance!” but in all honesty this is 4 way stretch knit i’m cutting this out of. If I cut it out with SA it would be huge!

cut it out

Thinking back, I probably should have at least interfaced one of these sides. But I didn’t. Hind sight you know? Oh well, moving forward. I cut the pattern out with my fabric scissors, sewed it together leaving a little hole to turn it inside out and ironed it.

all cut out

Make sure to set your sewing machine to a longer stitch length. This fabric likes to bunch so be careful.

set to 5


sew applique

Place the finished and IRONED piece where you want it to go. I like to mark the center front of the my garment so that I know it’s even.

sewing on

I know, it doesn’t quite cover the ears, don’t worry though, we can work our way around that.

And sew onto the garment.

Finished sew

Now, this is where you can let your creative freedom really shine. I’m just fooling around here but if you just leave it as is it just looks like you slapped something on there and you really need to make it look like it belongs there.

Well, I’ll show you how to finish it up in the next part!


Just fooling around, getting ideas. See? It’s fun! 😀

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