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Garden Tour

Lately, I have been getting more and more into gardening. If you asked me 6 months ago “Would you be growing things this summer” I’d say unto you “I can’t even grow bamboo!”

It’s true. I have even killed bamboo. I don’t know how, but it’s true. However in the past few months, I ‘somehow’ can grow everything! So I just kept going from there! So this is a little tour of my garden that I view from my office. I promise that I will be doing more tutorials here soon. I have to space things out in the mean time 😉

First I want to share my comic I just drew because it cracks me up!


Ok, onto the tour!


Can’t have a garden with a Buddha watching over it. If anyone out there is interested in learning about the Buddha, there is a great book called “Buddhism for Beginners” that I highly recommend.


And my garden mushroom right in the middle of my Iris’s 🙂 It’s a little late in the season for them I think. They were given to us from a nice family that had hundreds of these guys in tiny pots, and the little tubers for exploding because they just needed more room, so thus they were planted, about 60 of them. That’s why they look a little shell shocked. Don’t worry though, next year they should be back with a fury!


My FAVORITE plant right now is the Begonia. They are so luscious and beautiful. And because red is my favorite color, these little guys makes me immensely happy.

day lillies

Day lillies 2

Can’t have a garden without Day Lilies! Some of these varieties you can actually eat! These ones taste like butter!

Clit flower

This one just makes me laugh 🙂 I think you can guess why 😛


If you are trying to attract bumblebees and honey bees like I am, these Sylvia do the trick 😛 SO PRETTY!

cute bug

Found a cute little bug on this one 🙂

roses everywhere

Roses part 2


Did I mention that my favorite color is red? These puppies attract bees like nobodies business! I’ve always had a fondness for bees and insects alike. It ‘bugs’ me that people just smash them without just taking a minute to scoop it up and place it outside. I have a hard time just smashing something, unless there is no other way. But I think that I am among a small number at that point.

And lastly…

Shro judging

My judgmental cat Schrodinger, peering at me through lucid eyes, judging me for being outside.

I hope everyone is have a great day. I hope to talk to you soon!

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