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Five Friday Finds!

Hello! Thanks for joining us again. I’m going to try to start doing a segment called “Five Friday Finds” every Friday to show you all my findings on the internet.

I find myself loving to window shop, and because I am stuck at my computer most of the time, I end up window shopping with my monitor. I know, it’s bad, because A. You just click paypal and your done, you don’t even have to leave your house to get it and B. It just promotes laziness which is the #1 thing I hate most.

SO! To show you all that I love to share, and make you all be lazy with me, I show you my top picks for today!

five friday finds 5

You can find this lovely lady here at her website.

This is her website

She makes incredibly adorable fabric moths. And as we all know moths are just the badass versions of butterflies! They rock my socks off!!

Her shop isn’t open right now but you best BELIEVE I will be waiting for when she reopens.


I have found this little lovely. And yes, I did buy one.

Five Friday finds3
The rest of her stuff is amazing!

She’s an amazing wool artist and you should definitely check her out. I plan to wear mind all year round because lets face it, it’s not a wizard hat, it’s an EVERYDAY hat.


five friday finds 4

Her etsy site is here

I wish I had all the money in the world. Because I would buy all of the things on the internet. She has stunning necklaces and other bits of jewelry you should check out.


five friday finds 2

Unfortunately I can’t find this one available anymore, but here is the link anyways. If anyone can find this please let me know! I need to throw money at it!!


Five Friday Finds 1

This is one of those “one of a kind” jackets that I wish were mass produced but it really gives me inspiration to just keep sewing my own clothes. I get a lot of inspiration with just surfing etsy and to soak up all the creative mind juice that I can. So many creative people out there that make me seem so inferior in every way. But I’ll keep trying!

Anyways, those are my picks for today. And in no particular order of importance because they are all amazing in my mind 🙂 Perhaps I’ll see if I can do a Jacket tutorial for you guys soon. I know summer is just around the corner but who cares! I don’t!

Have a great Friday everyone!