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Bleaching Shirt Tutorial

I am not sure about you, but whenever I see the letters “DIY” next to each other, I get the equivalent of an excited puppy on steroids. Yes, I am one of those DIY’ers that love DIY’ing all darn day because making something with your hands and having it be ‘cool’ and ‘crafty’ gets me a high. Except I am one of those “I hate reading directions” people so I usually just make things look pretty on the outside. I wish I could take my time but I am not a patient person. I fail at that tremendously.


For some reason I love writing these tutorials for you all 🙂 weird huh? I’d love to see photos of people trying these out!

First of all, what inspired me to do this design was this shirt.

download (1)

The Craft is one of those go to movies for me. I love this movie beyond words. It was this movie and Practical Magic that had me loving my childhood. Pieces of artwork if you ask me!

Anyways, I wanted this shirt for myself, but I keep telling myself that I just need to cool my jets on the spending. I’m a little spontaneous when it comes to seeing something online and buying it. I’m terrible. So I try to make things myself. SO! I took pictures to show you all how I did it.

Firstly what you will need:

what you'll need 3

bleach pen

1. Black cotton tshirt
2. spray bottle with some water and bleach mixed in
3. foam board to cut out your stencil
4. and a bleach pen. (You only really need this for lettering)

I just printed out something on photoshop and added a little twist to mine. You can do anything you want on your end!

What you'll need

Make sure that your print out fits where you want it to on your shirt. If you double check then it makes for an easier “works on the first time’ project 🙂

What you'll need 2

So go ahead and put your template on top of your foam board and carefully cut it out with an exacto knife. Now, I did a lot of lettering on this so yours may be done with just a pair of scissors. Up to you!

lay outside

Yay! It’s cut out!

tshirt with something inside

Make sure to put either a piece of cardboard or some sort of board inside of the shirt. You don’t want this bleeding to the other side!

Mix bleach and water

This is the time to go outside, and take out your bleach pen and spray bottle. I like to use the fine bleach tip to get the details while I like the effect the spray bottle gives. Try it out, see what you like 🙂

spray 2

Go outside, do your thing!

The sun helps the chemical reaction in the bleach to work faster as well!

leaving it in the sun


finished product 1

Now here’s the stupid part. You have to wash your shirt. I know I know. You just want to put it on and go, I understand. BUT! All that bleachy chemical stuff would hurt your skin and you’d get chemical burns and it’s not pretty. Bleach is a cleaning agent, not a fashion accessory. Remember that.

finished product

Sorry I couldn’t get a better picture of it one, but here you are! So easy, cheap and fun to do. You can customize it however you’d like!

Thanks for tuning in! Please let me see some of the creations you come up with!

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