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Copying a Pattern the Easy way- Tutorial

My mother came up to me and asked if I could make a lining for these sundresses that she got. They were from a popular magazine that she looks through. Because it’s getting so hot out right now, it made sense. Heck, if I had more money, I’d do the exact same thing! She tried one of for me though, and I was a little dumbfounded. The dress itself is adorable but it was 50% see through. Talk about breezy!

original dress

Then here, you can see the opacity.

see through

Crazy right? Not sure who in their right minds would wear this. So I got to work.

I knew that I wanted something other than cotton lining because this fabric is so light and fluffy the two would just stick together like glue because of static electricity. So I brain stormed and came up with Bamboo fabric.

bamboo fabric

This fabric is perfect for hot weather, and also is easy to wash and sew, and is anti clingy. DOUBLE PLUS!

I bought a few yards.

tracing patterns

I found the dresses center front and I laid that down on the edge of the folded fabric. Making sure that my side seams match up.


My cat is jackass by the way.

chalk outline

Use a ruler and make sure that your chalk outline is squared off, as add your seam allowance. I went with a standard 1/2″.

Repeat this step with the back as well. This dress has no zipper, so I don’t have to worry about anything. Simple designs call for simple construction.

serge edges

I went ahead and serged my edges on the patterns themselves for a couple reasons. 1. looks nicer on the inside. 2. easier to sew 3. Armholes would be easier to fold, pin and finish.
Whenever you get the chance always finish your edges.

press top stich

At this part, I sewed the armhole seams together, then turned them over and top stitched them down. It will be more comfortable for the wearer and overall look nicer as well.

lace hem

The design altogether is pretty bland if you ask me. So, LACE! I will always put lace on something to jazz it up. Don’t judge me, join me.

top stitch

Same thing here, flip over and top stitch the lace down. It just looks better! Trust yourself. Lace will be your friend if you finish the edges. Just do it!

dress finished

dress hem

In all honesty, this project only took about an hour. It’s as simple as looking at something for years, and never wearing it, or getting up and doing something about it. Now, the two dresses compliment each other as well as separately, and she can now wear what she bought without wasting money. Simple, easy, and no fuss. BOOM! I hope you learned something 🙂

Please let me know what you think in the comments! What would you like to see?

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