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Five Friday Finds!

Welcome to yet another installment of Five Friday Finds!

How has everyone’s week been? It’s been pretty dry here lately except for today, today is rather moist. I’m liking it 🙂 I’m looking at my cat outside and he’s freaking out a little bit haha.

I had a big long list of things I wanted to get done this week but somehow everything still got crammed into everything at the end. Still have a TON of work to do.

Anways, onto FFF!

My first pick is this little lovely.


You can find more of there clothes here.

Adorable no? I’ve never really been into bikini’s or swimming, or really much to do with the water. Heck, I only like taking showers now because I have lavender body wash! Getting wet is not really my thing. But these bathing suits really make me want to do something ‘swimmy’ this summer.

Next there is this!


I’m a sucker for nautical, vintage, compass things. You can blame the gamer in me 😉

You can find more of this seller here!



If you know me, I love cats. But this is the most amazing thing ever! Dear etsy, I wish for my life back. Thank you.



This is just something I want in general. I can’t help it! Moon phases have me week at the knees! Put a moon phase on something and I’m like “I’ll wane for you!”



Sadly, I don’t have a link to the original site for this, but I don’t think you could buy these anyways. They just make me super happy! I love terrariums! They are like moon phases to me! And adding something star wars on top of that!!

Color me envy.

Thanks for looking today everyone, let me know if you find any cool friday finds!

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