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Garden Tour Update

I’ve been a little crunched under deadlines. I apologize. I promise that I will be more regular!

I wanted to share with you all my garden which I like to enjoy and how it has changed over the passed few weeks. It’s amazing how just a couple weeks make! I’ve been a little distraught lately. In all honesty, gardening in new to me. I could barely keep a cactus alive but as of recently, I am quite enjoying it. And everything seems to be going fine! However as I am learning it takes a lot of time and energy. My Drosera Sundew isn’t looking so well, and my peppers in the greenhouse and wimping out of me. I know, with due time, it will get better at this. It’s just hard right now. But I’ll power through it!

Below are some updates on the Bird Haven. Hope you enjoy!




Black eyed susan

Begonia 2.0

bat flower


my haven 3

My haven 2

You can see some of the new flowers that have sprouted up from last time 🙂 I’m quite pleased with the amount of birds and bees that I see out there as well!

Thanks for tuning in!

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