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A little bit of Organizing with a lot of Results

Hello there!

I am hoping everyone’s week has been going well! I apologizing about not posting yesterday like I promised. You see, my cat has taken a liking to peeing all over one of the flannel shirts that I dip dyed the other day. I’m not sure why, but it’s just the one shirt, so I had to watch everything again yesterday.

Anyways, I did take the entire day off yesterday as well. I know, normal people don’t take days off in the middle of the week, but I find it hard to sit down and take a break. Cody was nice enough to accompany me as well because he didn’t feel well. So it was the perfect day off! video games, Cody, and awesome all around 🙂

Amazon is supplying a lot of my ideas for ammunition for this blog so I suggest if you are looking for inspiration to either browse Pinterest for a few or go to Amazon and see what’s on sale!

Alrighty, first I’ll show you the shirts after they came out of the dryer today. Pardon the bad lighting.

blue dyed shirt

Dyed red shirt

I like this much better. It really pumps up the classiness of the shirt I think.

Anywho, on what I did today!

I seem to have this issue to always “OVER BUY”. I have too much fabric, and I have to share my dresser with another person (Cody) so really I only have a small amount of space for clothes and fabric! For someone crafty like me, this is truly a travesty. Now of course, there are ways around this. As someone who hates clutter, but loves to have craft supplies and clothing, this is the everyday battle for the modern woman.

Today I chose to tackle the the fabric.
This is what it looked like before.

before shot clothing

Not very appealing. Whenever guests came over it was an eye sore.

So I purchased these guys off of Amazon. They are regular sorting bins for toys and such.

what I bought for shelves

I tried to follow the directions but the stupid ikea some assembly required crap was getting to me, so I just got a hammer and hoped for the best.

built and ready

After what was supposed to be a 30minute build time, this took me almost and hour. But you know what? I’m proud of it 🙂 Still have extra parts left over but I DON’T CARE!

in place after built

Here is is all ready and set to go!

organized after

It’s a little bit bigger than what I thought would turn out, but I like all the empty space and that I can see what I am looking for without things toppling over. All in all, I’m happy 🙂 Again, wish it was just a tad smaller. I may have to fill up those spaces and I don’t want the opportunity to do so!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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