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Video Game Review: A Beginner’s Guide- May contain spoilers

As many of you know, I am a huge video game connoisseur if you will. My body is a tribute to some of the finest out there. (By that I mean tattoos). Video games were my first baby sitter, and my first crush. So I thought that I may as well share some of my findings with you all if you will visit my blog from time to time.

The game that I am reviewing today is called A Beginner’s Guide by Davey Wreden. You may know this name from another Steam classic Stanley’s Parable which is, by far, one of the best games ever made. header

I think this game will do well in all honesty. The game creator has kind of mastered the concept of a new genre of video game. But these two particular games are polar opposites.

First I’ll start off with why people SHOULD play Stanley’s Parable.

It’s a game where the player has to make decisions in order to progress forcing numerous outcomes and possibilities each time the player does so. The narration is humorous and necessary and had a great many of hours trying to figure out all of the endings possible. This is really a master piece for anyone wanting to experiment with new game play features.

Now, as for A Beginner’s Guide, I can tell why people are comparing the two games. Playing the Beginner’s Guide was more like being in a movie with someone holding my hand. The game doesn’t give you choices but rather Davey the creator narrates about various games that he is showing us created by his friend “Coda”. Each game has different perks, and it is interesting to see the development of the creative mind. The thing I found to be less appealing was Davey telling us his interpretations of what “Coda” actually meant when creating these games, and goes into great in depth psychological explanations about the “deepness” of Coda’s world.

I for one, don’t read in between the lines all that well. In fact I find it extremely difficult. So having this explained to me made my life a lot easier. However, as it turns out “Coda” did not seem to be that “deep” of a person.

Davey made this game for his friend Coda, and it came abundantly clear of this as the story progressed and things started to get more and more personal, and to be frank, awkward. I felt as if I walked into a grocery store while two strangers were fighting and I was trapped between the door and the old lady trying to empty out her cart. I can understand the meaning behind what Davey was trying to convey, but here are my problems with it.

He made this game for his friend Coda to see. He used his friend Coda’s games to create this game. So first off, why did it take him 2 years to make this after he finished Staney’s Parable? And further, is his goal was to reach as many people as possible to get through to his friend, then why not make the game FREE!! $8 is nothing for a game, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my time for $8 worth certainly, however this adds insult to injury in my opinion. If Davey and Coda have an issue with each other, charging for these games that he did not development I find morally wrong.


This may all be part of the great scheme of making a great game. All of this may be made up, and is indeed, a big ploy for another great game. To which I still respect.

All in all, would I recommend this? Yes. It’s a cheap and easy game for a good time. Would I play it again? No. Did I feel awkward? Yes. Did it get it’s message through loud and clear? Yes.

Anyways, that’s what I have to say about it. Has anyone else had the chance to play this? Tell me your thoughts!

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