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DIY Boho Fringe Purse

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So I am getting a little obsessed with the “boho” fashion trend that’s been going on lately. Just call me “Misses Hipster” if you’d like but I just can’t help it 🙂

A lot of the cool things that I have been finding lately have been from Pinterest and Etsy and the like, but whenever I check the price tag I cringe >.< I understand that self employed work from home people that make these high end pieces deserve what they are asking for, heck , I'm one of those people! But sometimes I just feel like if you take a little time and energy to put into something you'll get a lot out of it. So I decided to tackle the fringe purse. I've seen a couple of these floating around. a4852dabaa72b12a4f4663e5afacd855



And to be honest I fell in love with the idea. But I’m not a huge fan of leather, unless it’s recycled.

So I set off with making my own DIY version.

I went to ebay and spotted this little cutey for $10 with free shipping. I’m sure if you just search for “Fringe purse” you’ll find identical versions. It had everything I need, inside pockets, faux fur, the works. Ok great, next step.

scraps off of ebay


I purchased some faux leather scraps off of ebay as well for $3 with some shipping costs. So we are still well under $20. That’s not too bad! I believe I still had some extra fabric to make so I was ready to get started.

sew enough to make a lid

I started sewing some of the larger pieces together to make a front flap for the purse. From what I gathered, the ebay purse does not have an over flap, which I like. It makes me feel more secure that things aren’t going to be flying out of my purse. Also, the purse has a zipper but doesn’t close fully on both sides.

print and sew

I went to google images and found some wool/poly blend fabric that I liked to use as a little accent color to all of this. 🙂

cut out and sew

This part is pretty simple. Just cut out the image and place it wherever you’d like it to go. This part is open to you and your imagination. I chose a raven because I’m in a raveny mood all the time but your options are only limited to the internet 🙂

fringe bottoms

Next I wanted to add some fringe to the top flap so I added some longer strips onto the front and then will cut them to be fringe shaped!

attach to purse

Lastly, I pinned the flap to the ebay purse and sewed along the top, after I fringed of course. These fabrics were fairly easy to sew through so it wasn’t too difficult. I may go back and add beads and a front closure but we will see how I feel 🙂

diy purse finish

Hope you liked the tutorial! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or want to see more!

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