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Amazing Days, Art Dump, and So much more…..

I apologize. Today all I will have for you lovely people is an art dump. I am waiting on a couple different things to start sewing more and showing you the process. But afterall, this will be an everything blog for me, so art is very much a part of that.

On Saturday, Fantasium Comics and Games had a lovely ladies night to give money to charity for a great cause and Breast Cancer Research. It was a very long, and stressful day, but well worth it. In the morning I had brunch with Kurtis Weibe himself, the creator of Rat Queens.

And then later that night we played Dead of Winter. Again, incredibly fun. Time flew by so fast but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I got the swatches and pattern in that I needed for the tailoring project I want to undertake but my craft room is a little predisposed a the moment but will be back into running shape in no time 🙂

Here are some of the art things that I have been working on! I can’t show all of it, but believe you me that I am extremely excited!

Spidey Gwen

Ogre Magi Step Brothers


Vengeful Spirit

Enchantress wallpaper

Anyways, I look forward to writing more often. I tend to like to to non productive things while I am waiting for a specific time to come along. It kill my productivity and my brain circles around that one finite task that I have to do. Like if I have to call the pharmacy at some point today, I will wait until 9am when they open and be horrible productive because I want to get that one thing over with. Or if I have a dental appointment at 11am, I will be constantly watching the clock to make sure that I am not late. Not quite sure how to settle my brain on those matters. I do like not having anything on my plate, and setting my own schedule, but sometimes I wish that I could just set an alarm and be done with it :/ How do you all deal with time management and over thinking things?

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