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A Sherlock Coat- Step One

Well, it’s about time I start this venture.

This will just be the planning stages of the daunting task. I’ve decided that I want this blog to have a lot of my sewing ventures. I realize at some point in the future, I will probably have to separate this site with my art site, but I suppose my goal is to create a Patreon page for that sort of stuff. Anyways. Onto the show!

I snagged this image off the BBC website. Cool coat huh?


The infamous Sherlock Coat. I’m lucky enough to be living with a perfectly proportioned Greek god, (aka, my boyfriend, genetics amirite?) So fitting this to him will at least be an easier task.

I went ahead and got this book off of amazon.


It’s easy to follow and there are a lot of pictures to use. Most people I find are visual learners so this helps quite a bit.

book insides

Next was fabric.

This was NOT easy.

The kind of fabric that they used for this coat is tweed wool hounds tooth in black and grey. Italian WOOL!! I’m not made of money. Here is the fabric on etsy. Now keep in mind you are buying in METERS. They are from London after all.

I however, did not have a $1000 budget to spend on this coat. So I went off for plan B possibilities.

At first I got some swatches at MOOD.

unnamed (3)

Although they would make nice jackets, they definitely weren’t what I was looking for. After a few more hours of searching, I finally found a brown houndstooth fabric found here.

I decided to go ahead a purchase 1/8th of a yard, and do a dye test. This says that it’s 100% wool, so it should be able to dye quite well.

This is the result.

unnamed (4)

Now, this is after a quick 3 second dunk into the dye pot, so I’m confidant that with a little more care, this can go just a tad darker. So I ended up purchasing 8 yards of this, and another 8 yards of heavy coating fabric to go underneath it.

The pattern is tricky. The style of coat this is is just coming back into fashion (I wonder why) so finding a pattern was kind of hard. I found this vogue pattern that I could copy onto some patterning paper and then do all of the details after that.


So far, it seems like it’ll work with what I need it for.

So now is the long arduous task of figuring out how to add the extra fabric, length, and so on.

unnamed (1)

Thanks for tuning in! I’ll be making a muslin copy of this for fitting next. We will see how it goes!

Thanks for reading!

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