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Sherlock Coat: First Fitting

Boy was this a dozy. I suppose in the term of first fittings though, I’ve seen worse.

Basically what I did was cut out a size 38 for Cody based on his measurements, traced out the pattern onto some patterning paper, and hoped for the best.

I should have measure Cody’s enormously huge torso and shoulder measurements because this guy has some broad shoulders. Like Matt Damon in Bourne Identity.

Anyways. So here’s a front view of the jacket. Not too bad.

front view coat

Here is another view on the pulling shoulder.

Pulling shoulder

You see a lot of bunching on the shoulder area so I had to remove it and repin it so that the bunching would go away. I think I will probably have to tweak the armhole just a tad, but I want to fix the main issue first.

Shoulder relaxed and repinned

Here is looks better. I’m a little more confidant about the armhole placement but we will see when I make the second muslin. Also, the notches are different. I am glad the I caught that sooner rather than later. Sherlock’s coat has the notches pointing right at the shoulder point where as this one has rounded sluggish notches. Gotta move those!

The back was another problem.

Back view coat

The center back seam was completely wonky. His shoulders were just too big. So I matched up the grain lines and added some muslin to compensate for the girth. This made the yoke tilt in an odd direction that I didn’t like so I then marked where I want the new seam to be. This caused yet another (blurry) problem.

New neckline

The neckline. Just 100% gross. None of it matched up. It was pulling away from his body in the front and it just looked nasty. So I am adjusting the neckline to compensate for the added inches.

Other than that, the hemline was easy to mark, and I liked the flow of the bottom half. If I added too much more fabric it would be a little too skirt like, and I didn’t want that.

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great night!

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