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Crimson Peak Gown- Fabric Manipulation

Hello all!

I am sort of the type to have ADD when working on a project. I enjoy doing a couple at once. I know, some of you would prefer one project, one after another, and I truly wish I could provide that for you. But I just cant.

Anyways, onto the Crimson Peak Gown!

Crimson Peak gown

I watched this movie last month and I must say, I am in LOVE! Everything was just done perfectly. Costuming, casting, story, special effects. I love me my horror films, but this one takes the cake. Perfection. I also collect moths, and the fact that this movie has a reoccurring moth theme was like this movie was MADE for me!

My good friend and photographer Mike from Nowhereman Photos also saw it and fell in love, so it was naturally kismit. Plus I always wanted to see if I could do those sleeves anyways. No time like now to try!

First I started off taking the guidance from a good friend about trying to thicken the silk fabric with Gelatin so that I could achieve that ‘crinkle’ effect the the fabric has. If you look at Mia’s nightgown, it has random vertical pleats all the way through.

crimson peak gown crease

crimson peak gown closeup

The gelatin method worked amazing. however, testing a swatch was far easier than trying to let 6+ yards of silk chiffon in a place where I can drain it outside, so I am opting for the ‘air dry’ method.

crimson peak silk manipulation

So after I dyed the fabric in the washing machine on a super hot setting, I went ahead and twisted the entire thing. The reason why the gelatin helps right here is because it helps stiffen the fabric so hold the pleats in place. I’m just hoping for the best right here. If not, I will be trying to let my fabric sit in a vat of gelatin water haha.

After the fabric has been sitting for a while, I undid a little bit to take a peak and what we were going to expect.

crimson peak few hours of drying

It looks like it could work. After this the next step would be to take a presser (which I don’t have) and press the pleats in place. If gelatin was in the fabric, the gelatin would simply disintegrate leaving only the raw material left. I’m going to let it sit for a little while longer, then try to use my puny iron to set the pleats without melting it.

I’d also like to mention that for my lining, I procured some rayon silk. I like the way it hangs.

crimson peak silk rayon lining

I’m glad I got this fabric, for a couple reason. I’m still contemplating making Mia’s robe for this piece. I’d have to do a few more tests, like dying a swatch, seeing if it can hold a fabric paint or print out screen printing items etc. That’s for another post though 🙂

Here are some screen shots that I took of the robe by the way. It’s so gorgeous it hurts.

crimson peak robe back

crimson peak robe front

crimson peak robe

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