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Sherlock Coat- Cutting out the Pattern

Alrighty, so I ended up doing the second fitting and forgetting to take pictures, So! My bad. Sorry guys! I am on to cutting the fabric already. I work so closed minded that I always forget that I need to show everyone where I am at most of the time!

So after washing and drying, and dyeing the fabric, it’s time to cut, once your pattern is ready of course 🙂

Sherlock coat line them up on top of each other

I’ll explain what I’m doing here.

Sherlock coat cut two layers

As I told you before, the shell fabric (The houndstooth outer fabric) is rather thing. Too thin for being a winter coat. So I also purchased a heavy duty wool coating material that is actually made to do this sort of stuff. What I am doing is laying both the outer material, as well as the coating material down together, and pinning the pattern on top of both, then I am cutting out the patter.

Now I know what you are thinking, that seems pretty sketchy.

But the thing is, I’ve done this before and it has working out. You just need to remember a couple things.

Sherlock coat sewing pieces

After cutting out each piece, you have to then sew the individual pattern pieces to their corresponding pieces. But you can’t sew all the way around. This creates a pocket and it gives the fabric a chance to bubble int he middle with no where for the fabric to rest too. So there for I am sewing along three out of the four sides like this. Leaving the bottom open. I do this because when the pieces hang, gravity will help everything ease into place as well. Repeat for all the pieces.

I cut that patterns at an inch and a half seam allowance as well, so that I could allow for any adjustments during the final fitting if needed.

I sewed the extra pieces together at 1″ seam allowance here.

Sherlock coat 1 inch seam allowance

And lastly, I got some double sided bias interfacing tape. In retrospect, It would have been easier to put this one BEFORE I sewed most of the edges on, but oh well 🙂 I cut the pieces to length, then I gently put them in between the two layers and pressed. This will make it easier for me to get a nice shape out of the fabrics so that they will act more like one piece of fabric.

sherlock coat cutting pattern

That’s where I am at now! Let me know if you have any questions! 😀

Have a great one everyone!

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