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Sherlock Coat: Completed

Well, as promised the last installment of the great Sherlock Coat comes to an end 🙂 I’ll be sure to get you all some proper photos of it soon as well. I’m very excited on how this one came out.

So, we last left off with inserting the lining.

Sherlock Coat Sleeve Tailoring

Here I baste stitched the top of the sleeve, which I think I mentioned last time to make way for the lining. I also commented a little bit about ease and such. So, now onto the last fitting photos!

Sherlock Coat fitting placement test

Here is when all of the magic comes together. I mark where the buttons will be placed, as well as the pockets inside and out.

Sherlock Coat Final Fitting

The back is looking find as well. I can definitely see some differences between the actual Sherlock Coat from the show and mine, but still I am pleased enough to continue 🙂

Sherlock Coat fitting placement

Here you can get a better close up on my placements for the pocket and buttons. I like to sure safety pins in this manner because I know they won’t move around or anything.

Onto buttons. Buttons are kind of the bane of my exsistance. You don’t have a lot of wiggle room if you mess up. And it’s kind of a one shot kind of deal.

I chose to use a leather bound button. Most commonly used in menswear. They are fairly larger, but I can deal with it. Take a look see!

Button Size Sherlock Coat

They are JUST over an inch in length. The rule of thumb with buttons is to add 1/8″ onto the length of a buttonhole than a button. So that’s what I did!

Make sure to mark twice and cut once, also, PRACTICE RUNS!!

Sherlock Coat Button Size Test

See here? Also practice before you do the real thing. Saved my booty for sure!

Here are some photos of the completed garment. Some close ups so you can see my work 🙂

Sherlock Coat Lapel Shot

Sherlock Coat Front View

Sherlock Coat Side view

Sherlock Coat Back view

Looking at it right now, from start to finish I would have done one or 2 things differently, but I am absolutely happy with the outcome. What I thought would be the last 6 hours of the jacket ended up turning into 12 hours, but hey, what kind of sewing job isn’t like that?

I’ll be sure to supply actual quality photos with this. Right now I am working On a quick winter jacket for myself, so I will be posting about that here soon as well.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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