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White Mage Coat- Step One: Construction

I saw this coat a few years ago on Pinterest and I fell in love with it. I am not sure who the artist is, but if anyone knows please let me know so that I can give them credit! But these particular characters are from of of my favorite games of all time Final Fantasy 9. There is a particular part where Garnet prances around in this robe and the design is just so adorable. I had to get my own take on it.


I ended up getting the fabric a while ago, and by a while I mean about 2 years ago, and never got around to making it. And because I will be doing a lot more BIG projects here coming soon, I wanted some more room in my little sewing area.

Deciding on fabric was fairly simple. I chose some Monks Cloth for the red and white fabric, and some satin for the lining. Eventually, I caved in and lined everything with fleece because I hate being cold!

Fabric Swatches

What I didn’t get pictures of was that I just gave the monks cloth a tea bath to make it a little more vintage looking. I quite like the result.

Then, because I was having a particularly lazy afternoon, instead of making the pattern, I decided to just use one I had off hand. It worked out quite well!

Pattern used

I think I ended up changing the center front to an exposed zipper, but that is neither here nor there. I like the look >.< Anyways, moving on, I started with the same method I used with the Sherlock Coat, and backed all the pieces with the fleece and sewed everything but the bottom together which gave me the bodice you see here. Which makes me love this fabric even more. seam allowance

To which I told myself that I wanted pockets and a little more flair, so I tore the side seam open about to the waist on both sides and added a little extra flair and some pockets. You can see that here.

Side seam pocekts

Next I made a small Diamond pattern to cut out the red diamond pieces. I cut them out, about 15-20, then backed them all with interfacing, because if I sewed them to each other, it would create even more bulk.

Red diamond

Then, I marked the waist on the bodice and pinned the diamonds where I wanted them to go.

bodice complete

back view of bodice

To create the slight “flair” look I wanted, I thought that I’d hand stitch the waist with some embroidery thread with a simple basting stitch and gathered the waist together just a little more. I like the effect it gives!!

Side view of bodice

I’ll stop there for now. It would be an awfully long blog post if I keep going. But this jacket was sure a lot of fun to do!

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything or have any recommendations!

Have a great one! Thanks for reading!

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