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White Mage Jacket: Finished


I believe I left off last time with me sewing the bodice together. Well, little did I know that everything else just sort of fell into place. The sleeves went on without a hitch, and then the rest was just simply hand sewing the lining in. Which I admit, I didn’t get too many pictures of.

I ended up just attaching the red extension to the sleeve and sewing it in like usual. No problem there!

Sleeve pattern done

Then setting the sleeves was perfectly fine because there wasn’t too much ease to set in in the first place! Yay for easy patterns! 😀

Bodice with sleeves

Then I’m not sure if I showed this last time, but this is how I modified the hood piece. I just cut out some extra triangles and the cut them in half for this part. Then I layed them down and pinned them where I wanted.

Triangle hood piece

And then after this part was attached it was even more easy sailing!

Hand stitching the lining down was a breeze, just a little time consuming, but yeah, all finished! Hope you like it!

Finished white mage jacket

Finished white mage jacket side other Side

Finished white mage jacket side other

Finished white mage jacket side

Hope you like it! Thanks for reading! I’ll be starting on the Crimson Peak nightgown here soon, then it’ll be mostly Star Wars related stuff after that 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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