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Planning out Amidala Blue Senate Gown

So I like to do these “planning” out posts because they keep me in check. Half the battle with replicating a piece of clothing is so do the research. And by that, I mean a very broad definition of research.

See, it’s nearly impossible to do a 100% recreation. Especially with the Amidala gowns, because they were made over a decade ago, and the materials used to make them are lost in history. And by history I mean no longer available to purchase over the internet.

Research can mean fabric types, to finding the right fabric for the right price. If you just do the research, you can find the same exact fabric for a few dollars less a yard, and then you automatically save “X” amount. We are human, we aren’t made of money 🙂

I am planning out the process for the Blue Senate Gown that Amidala wears.

Planning Blue senate gown

There is a ton of detail in this particular garment, but it excites me as well!

My planning process usually goes with biggest to smallest. Like so.

Planning Blue senate gown

Taking the silhouette into account, I know that there will be a hoop skirt involved, a corset because there is a LOT of fabric there and a very nice silhouette so I know that things are being cinched it. I know that I’ll need boning for the Elizabethan Collar, I know that I’ll need with tulle or netting for the sleeve shape, and I will probably be making my own piping, gold embroidery applique’s, as well as doing all of the beading. Now. Detail shots!

I must say that these images were on the amazing Padawans Guide website so I HIGHLY suggest you go there for all of your star wars costume needs.

Planning Blue senate gown

There is a lot to this thing. Glass beading, applique, piping. I’ll probably save all of this for another post. What I will say is that I have purchased some items, that I will show below.


I bought this velvet from which I purchased a swatch of and quite liked. I know that I didn’t want a “stretch” velvet but this particular velvet isn’t that stretchy at all.

I purchased these glass beads off of Amazon so far.


I also got a clear set from the same seller. I liked the color and shine so I went ahead and purchased 2.

This Taffeta I found cheapest on Ebay. Which I quite like. Just give it a wash and the stiffness comes right now.


Then lastly, and most important thing, are the PATTERNS!!

Because I am pretty bias towards Simplicity, I went through my stash and found a couple that I will be using right off the bat.


This one is a nice one to use, and I’m pretty sure that I can modify the collar as well to match my purposes nicely! The sleeves are near perfect as well!

Next are the under garments.


I do think this gown was very confused with what time period it came out of haha. I’m using the hoop skirt pattern and will probably be modifying the corset just a tad for my uses as well 🙂 Perfect!

And lastly, and this is a maybe pattern. I’m not sure that I will use it in the end but just in case there is this one.


The skirt pattern is what I am looking at because it has the fullness that I am looking for and is designed to go over a hoop skirt as well. So we will see about this one.

Alrighty! That is all I have so far! I will be trying to post every Monday Wednesday and Friday from now on. But we will see how that goes 🙂

Thanks everyone!

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