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Crimson Peak Gown- Construction

Hello again!

First off I’d like to direct everyone to the lovely blog by Simplicity Costume Designer Andrea Schewe. She’s amazing at what she does and she is so kind enough to let us go on all the costume adventures with her 🙂

So the Crimson Peak nightgown is coming along swimmingly 🙂 I realized that I would probably have to make this from scratch, which isn’t so bad. Not having a pattern for something isn’t the end of the world, just means that you get to practice your pattern construction!

Here we go!

I started with a muslin draping of the top part. And fit it to my mannequin like so.

Crimson Peak fitting front

Crimson Peak fitting muslin

Crimson Peak fitting muslin 2

Looking at a picture of the original gown, I knew that I needed an upward seam to put the lacing in, so I went with princess seams on both front and back.

crimson peak gown closeup

I’m covering all of the lining with the shell fabric bit by bit. I know I tend to do that with a lot of my projects, covering shell fabric with another fabric, I need to stop doing that haha.

Getting the pattern to fit was pretty easy, so then I moved onto covering the shell fabric.

Crimson Peak attaching shell fabric

The sheen on this fabric is quite nice. I like the look of if already! I will probably end up recovering just the center front piece to have LOTS of gather like in the photo, but for now this will do nicely.

Crimson Peak collar cut out

I left the collar lining alone. Because I knew that I wanted to put more lacing on the top and underneath. Crimson Peak hand stitching lining down

And then I hand stitched it down on the inside like so.

Now for the lining, I went ahead and serged together a big rectangle.

Crimson Peak serging the lining

This picture was mostly to show my industrial serger some love 😛

Crimson Peak gathering

And then around the top of the rectangle I top stitched a large stitch width to gather it all together at the empire waist.

Crimson Peak gathering lining

Lastly this was to show some of the detail where to lacing goes as I top stitch the seam down. I love that lace! It’s so pretty!

Crimson Peak top stitching

That’s it for now! Thanks for tuning in! Please let me know if you have any questions or have any suggestions 🙂

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