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Blue Senate Gown: Fabric Haul

So I think I have pretty much received the most of what I will be needing to create the Blue Senate Gown. There are some ups and downs, but I ‘ll go through those as I pass by them.

Construction Blue Senate Gown

I was reading some of “Dressing the Galaxy” and it turns out that the costume designer was told not to make the costumes “from the future” but rather to “redo the past”. So this is a spinoff of a 16th-19th century gown. I thought what better way to have traditional undergarments as support. I was racking my brain for quite some time on how to have the front panel be without a seam anywhere and then it hit me. Because you don’t see that the “gold” is a dress, why not just make an apron? Of course, I didn’t figure this out until it was too late and I had already purchased 8 yards of Moire’ Taffeta, but you live and you learn 🙂

I will be making the top portion of the jacket separate from the bottom as well, because I’d like to use Cartridge Pleating on the bottom velvet portion to help give the full effect.

Next we have the velvet.

Blue Senate Gown Velvet fabric haul

For the life of me I could NOT find non stretch velvet in any color remotely close to what I needed. So then I thought, I’d just dye my own cotton velvet. So I got a swatch of white cotton velvet from Dharmatrading to test it on and even though the velvet was amazing and I’ll definitely be using it in other projects, it was just not the weight of fabric I wanted for this dress. It was super light and airy, as well as ever so slightly see through. So I opted for getting a stretch navy blue material. And even THIS wasn’t the perfect color. I wanted it to be slightly purple/navy blue. So I tried soaking the velvet for a while in a tub of idye poly violet, and let me tell you something, I will NOT have to worry about staining on this fabric because it took NONE of it. This is AFTER soaking in a purple dye bath people, it’s still BLUE!! HAHA!! Oh well, I will just have to manage.

Blue Senate Gown Fabric Haul satin

This came and I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and weight. Like the velvet, I wanted it just a tad purplyer, but after this soaked in a dye bath, it was clear that this was not going to take any purple either. So I just curled it up and put it through the dryer a few times. Still this is AFTER the purple dye bath. I’m beginning to think I just need to get a HUGE pot and sit it on the stove forever. Sheesh.

Blue Senate Gown satin being coiled up

Next up, we have my biggest disappointment. This is, the “gold” moire taffeta.

Blue Senate Gown Gold moire taffeta

More copper/bronze you think? I thought there surely was a mistake on the ebay sellers end so I sent them a picture, and they must have gotten this issue often because without answering any of my questions they offered a full refund. I can say that that is amazing customer service, but I already washed and ironed the fabric in hopes that it would somehow become lighter. It didn’t. And I couldn’t in good conscience send it back knowing I did that. So then I scoured the internet once again to see if there was any gold or yellow moire’ taffeta, and there is nothing. Nothing on the internet. Go figure. My “deal with it” in fabric for this project is now 3/3.

On a lighter note, the beads came in 🙂 I am pleased with the beads.

Here are the diamond shaped beads for the floral spirals on the apron piece.

Blue Senate Gown Diamond beads

And then I ended up getting more of each of these but they came in and I am in love!

Blue Senate Gown Blue beading

Blue Senate Gown white beading

I can’t wait to start using them!

Lastly I thought it would be neat to make my own piping for the jacket piece, so I went ahead and purchased some rope, but I think it’s too thick for this piece. I may end up just purchasing some already made piping but I’ll know later on.

Blue Senate Gown piping rope

Well thats it for now! Thanks for tuning in! Let me know if there is anything that you would like to see!

Have a great one!

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