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Patchwork Jacket: Completed

I do apologize! I know I said every Monday and Wednesday but I ended up working on some commissions and what not, so you know haha, bills to pay!

Anyways, onto what I HAVE done!

This is the Patchwork Jacket all completed.

I ended up buying these amazing hand made beads off of etsy! Please check out this amazing store!

Here’s a close up of them, I apologize I had to use her image directly, I tried to take a close up image myself but it came out all blurry. I wanted to do them justice!!


Anyways, so I put the finishing touches on the jacket with these buttons. All I really did was hand stitch the sleeve lining and hood on, so you didn’t miss much 🙂 Here I’ll show you how I line up the buttons on the front.

Patchwork Jacket button close up

It’s super easy, so basically I just took a ruler and and spaced them out evenly and marked them off like so.

Patchwork Jacket button alignment

Then test out your button holes. I did and I STILL had a hard time with making them look even. Just take your time and you should be fine!

And this is the finished product!

Patchwork Jacket Finished Front

Patchwork Jacket Side view

Patchwork Jacket back view

I am in LOVE with this jacket! There are a few things that I’d like to change. One of the draw backs of using a jacket pre made pattern is that you don’t really know if it’s a 100% or not. I rarely have the patience to create my own pattern anymore so it’s my own fault. The sleeves are a little snug so I can’t really where layers underneath the jacket, but on the other hand this jacket does keep you very warm so it’s not ‘too’ bad.

All in all I’m in love. Best jacket I’ve made yet! I’ll be using some of the extra patchwork fabric to make an A line skirt and I even got 6 more yards just to have around for who knows what! I love it so much!

I do hope everyone has a great day 🙂

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