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How to: Make Bias Tape!

Hello again! I must admit I’ve been rather enthralled with my charcoal work that I’ve been laxing on the other things like my sewing! I’ll get back into the swing of things but for sure I will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday from now on!

Anyways, thank you for tuning in! I’m making a little tutorial on making bias tape for those who are curious. Just a little heads up bias tape is used for a TON of things so this is really useful! From finishing hems, to securing some seams, to making your own piping! It’s glorious!

I’m making mine out of muslin because I’m making the hoop skirt out of muslin as well but you can use anything that doesn’t have much stretch!

Bias Tape Tutorial lay out your fabric

Bias Tape Tutorial 45 degree angle

This is easier to do with a clear ruler. You can see that 45 degree angle a lot easier. You’ll need that.

Find the 45 degree angle and match it up to the fabric and start making your lines.

Bias Tape Tutorial mark your points and draw

Keep going according to how much you think you’ll need. Remember you can always make more!

Bias Tape Tutorial lining up on the line

Also, make sure to open up your fabric up all the way. everything has to be a straight line. You’ll figure that out in a second.

Bias Tape Tutorial lining up and pinning

Now I didn’t get an awesome picture of this but once you have drawn out all of your lines you are going to want to fold your fabric back in half, and then merge your lines together one line down from where they started from and pin them together like so.

Bias Tape Tutorial lining up and pinning

Then just sew straight across the seam!

Bias Tape Tutorial Sew straight across

Now here comes the fun part! Start cutting right on the line! If you did it right, it will be just one big spiral!

Bias Tape Tutorial cut along the line

And there you have it! Lots and lots of bias tape on the quick and on the go!Bias Tape Tutorial Bias tape finish

Thanks for tuning in! On Thursday I’ll have a starting point to putting the hoop skirt together as well, so I am looking forward to that 🙂

Hope everyone has a great day!


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