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Making a Hoop Skirt

Hello all!

So I went ahead and moved forward on my Amidala Senate Dress I needed to start with a hoop skirt. To save time, I went to amazon and looked through what they had and settled on purchasing this one.

The reviews were a little odd, mostly saying that the petticoat was short, but because I don’t even hit 5’3″, I didn’t even consider that being an issue. So I tried it on when it arrived and was sadly surprised about HOW SHORT IT IS!!!

Petticoat from amazon short again

Petticoat from amazon super short

Petticoat from amazong omg so short

On me, it was about 4 inches above my ankles. Now, I know that the fabric will just drape off the front but I want a little more support than that so I decided to make my own.

I’m using Andrea Schewe’s hoop skirt pattern here. If you’d like to follow along by all means!


I like to recommend that everytime you get a new pattern is to read the instructions thoroughly. Even someone like me so just kind of does whatever when she wants to change something. I’d like to state that this pattern went together perfectly, but I did deviate from the plan a smudge.

Hoop Skirt Amidala Marking your lines

Once you have a good understanding of the pattern and what it involves make any of the necessary marks. This one has matching dots and notches and que’s to where the piping goes. Makes sure to get those!

Hoop Skirt Amidala sew up side seams

Next, following the directions I lined up the seams and stitched both front and back. Like so.

Hoop Skirt Amidala sew up both seams

My parents dog decided that he was too tired to help as well.

Hoop Skirt Amidala sammy

Once your front and back are stitched together, the instructions tell you to finish your seams. And because I was feeling particularly lazy, I decided to just do the lazy route and just pinking shears the seams. I’m doing this because 1. this is an undergarment and I’m not to concerned with what it looks like underneath and 2. I’d have to clear off my serging table and like I said, it’s a lazy day.

Hoop Skirt Amidala finishing system

But it does leave a nice finish 🙂

Hoop Skirt Amidala finishing seams

Now do that with all the seams. Don’t be shy!

This is where I deviated just a tad. The pattern says to do a side seam opening. Which is 100% ok. I just prefer a center back opening with draw string. Just a preference. So I cut along center back like so.

Hoop Skirt Amidala Cut back for opening

Then used some extra bias tape like so to finish it off.

Hoop Skirt Amidala bias tape for closure

Hoop Skirt Amidala finished bias tape closure

Because it’s a lazy day, I didn’t bother changing my thread color or purchasing a beige bias tape, I used what I had when I had it. Aren’t lazy days the best? I’m using up extra material AND saving money on something that no one will ever see! MUHAHA!! I only have myself to blame.

Then I attached the drawstring on the top and tried it on the mannequin! Looks good so far!

Hoop Skirt Amidala skirt base complete

Remember all that bias tape we made the other day? Well, we need that now.

I ironed the bias tape so that it was 3/4″ an inch across then I marked my lines and began stitching.

Hoop Skirt Amidala sewing on tape flip over

Fold over and secure, this is the bottom of the skirt so this is the only time you’ll flip over.

Hoop Skirt Amidala Sewing on tape

Repeat 4 more times.

I prepared my metal hoops for insertion!

Hoop Skirt Amidala metal hoops for skirt

But sadly I ran out so I didn’t have enough for the bottom but you can gather the silhouette of it 🙂 I quite like it!

Hoop Skirt Amidala hoop skirt finished front

Hoop Skirt Amidala Finished side

I will probably adjust the hoops a tad to make it more V shaped but other than that I love it! The pattern is beautiful and I am now excited to make the bumroll and the corset from it.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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