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Making a Chemise

Hello! Sorry for the skip on Tuesday’s post. I find myself swamped with comic work lately that its hard to keep up this week.

I did however manage to make a chemise for the Amidala Senate Gown however. I knew this was going to take a long time to make each piece but I’m still excited! Also all of the Kylo Ren pieces are coming together as well!

Surprisingly, this was a lot like making the hoop skirt! And super easy as well! It came together incredibly fast!

Amidala chemise  cutting out pattern

Always start with cutting out your pattern. The only hitch I saw was that I couldn’t find the gusset pattern with this, but it’s more than likely that one of my cats stole it. So I won’t worry too much. It’s just a square afterall 🙂

Amidala chemise sewing fronts together

Then like the hoop skirt, you sew the sides together on the front and back. And also like the hoop skirt I finished the edges with pinking shears 🙂

Amidala chemise  finishing detail

So far so good! Then I just added the gusset to the sleeve like this. Gussets are adding at moving parts of clothing that that have a lot of motion. i.e. crotch, armpit etc. They really help with everything if you can manage to put them in correctly!

Amidala chemise adding gusset

That was pretty easy 🙂

I tried it on under the hoop skirt already as well so you can see how it’s supposed to look!

Amidala chemise with hoop skirt

Adding the facing to the chemise was another story. I was having such a hard time because my fabric was thin and my interfacing was slightly stretchy, I didn’t manage to get photos of that while I was putting it in because it didn’t turn out the prettiest and I was getting frustrated. But! Luckily no one will be seeing this part of the costume so function is everything 🙂

Thank you so much for tuning in! I’ll be making the bum roll next, then the corset which I’m super excited to start. Hope everyone has a great day!

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