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Making a Bum Roll

Hello all!

I know I’ve been a little lax in my blog making duties as of late. Lots of stuff has been happening and I’ve just been so busy. I do love to work but I do hate working on things that that I’d rather be working on something else. I’m a little ADD like that. I will try my very hardest to keep things going though. I will probably be blogging about my art more as well. Simply because this is my blog and I like posting what I’m working on 🙂

Anyways, on to the bum roll!

If you are curious as to what pattern I’m using, it’s this one 🙂 So follow along!


Alrighty, so I’m going to say this for sure but the bum roll is the easiest thing to make in this costume. By far.

All you do is cut out the pattern.

Bum Roll cutting out pattern

Get some extra bias tape, or string, whatever you have laying around and pin accordingly.

Bum Roll pinning the bum roll

Sew around the edge leaving space for the turning inside out part.

Bum Roll sewing around edges


Bum Roll sewn up no stuffing


Bum Roll stuffing the bum roll

And stuff full, really pack it in there.

Then stitch closed!

Bum Roll stitch up the open seam

It’s that simple! I kind of forget to take a picture of it on the dress form but I am also working on the corset as well and it’s taking up a little time. BUT! I’ll have pictures for you asap.

Thank you all for tuning in!

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