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Construction a Corset


I must admit, that my art has been taking presidence as of late because well, I’ve been busy. And that’s why haha. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy but then again I like to sew to unwind a lot and it’s hard to do that when you have a lot of people wanting you to draw things and it’s amazing but there is only so much time in the day. SO! I have only been able to sew so much. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get into the fun stuff.

I could only manage to sew the lining into the corset with some bias tape I had laying around the house. I’m glad I did it this way, it really tied up all the lose ends. Really alls I did was pin the lining on, then pin the bias tape on, and turn on some Netflix and let it go! This took about 8 hours so far and I haven’t even gotten to the lining yet!I’ll be sure to post more soon. I apologize and the lull. I need to manage my time more.

Cut out the pattern!

Elizabethan Corset cut out pattern

Here I just marked my own lines for the boning. I added more than the pattern called more. Make sure it’s symmetrical.

Elizabethan Corset marking boning lines

Here I just sewed some lining and this is before I start pinning it together.

Blue Senate Gown Construction Corset lining on top of

Blue Senate Gown Construction Corset bias tape stitched on

Blue Senate Gown Construction Corset Lining

Blue Senate Gown Construction Corset bias tape hand stitch

This is more picture filled today then I like but there really wasn’t a whole lot to tell!

I hope everyone’s day is going splendidly!


2 thoughts on “Construction a Corset

  1. I very much like the placement of the boning, looks like it would be sturdier then the usual plastic boned ones I have had/seen.

    Gimme some good old fashioned steel boning any day 😉

    1. Thank you! That is a very lovely compliment 🙂 The ones on the pattern originally although were still good, but I like a little more support. BUT! Who am I to tell you! Then queen of corsets and badassery!

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