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Constructing Front “Apron” for Amidala Gown

Hello all! It’s been busy over here for sure. Lots of things to draw, things to try to draw, things I want to draw, and not nearly as much time as I want to sew! Yesterday I could get a few hours however on the front apron piece for the Amidala gown which made me happy. This piece will require a ton of embroidery and beading so I’m excited to get started on it. I wanted to do the blue velvet skirt as well, but I forgot to get some extra navy blue bias tape for that, but it’s ordered!

First I quickly draped the neck and torso piece for this. It was pretty simple, I feel like I’ve done this a billion times by now.

Amidala Apron patterns done

I just trimmed them up and cut them out of the fabric. I just measure center front and extended the front like so.

Amidala Apron cutting out front

Then the tedious task of interfacing and reinforcing and ironing commences. I will probably fast forward through this part.

Amidala Apron neck piece

Then the part where you sew the neck piece onto the neckline comes.

Amidala Apron sewing neck to bodice

Now the thing I wanted to get sorted out, and the part that honestly took the most effort, was getting the center front to lay flat. Because well, let’s face it, in the reference photos the center front lays flat. So, I didn’t think this would be a pickle but it ended up to be because of the bum roll.

Amidala Apron problems with side front laying flat

Amidala Apron Front apron look

As you can see, it protrudes out quite a bit in order to lay flat. I tried putting in darts, and that made it a little better but by no means was the problem fixed. So I ended up chopping off quite a bit on the sides and adding a tie and the bust area.

Amidala Apron figureing out front

Much better here.

Amidala Apron pinning to corset

Then the bust tie.

Amidala Apron solving the problems

And the hook and eyes of course

Amidala Apron hook and yes

I think what I’ll probably have to do here is either safety pin the apron down before I put on the velvet jacket but we will see. Anyways, Thank you for tuning in! Hopefully I’ll be able to do some beading on this piece!


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