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How I organize my beading kit.

Hello all!

This week I’ve been working on the beading for the Senate Gown and I knew it was either going to take me a few hours to do all of it and I was just over thinking it, or, like it actually is, is taking a whopping 12 hours SO FAR just to do what you see below. I know, I should have known. But this is the largest sewing project that I’ve undertaken by far so it is admittedly, a little intimidation.

Below I took a picture of how I’m organizing everything. That’s an old Almond Roca tin that I’m using so that it’s not complete mayhem. This way I can transport everything, and sit in front of the Netlfix all day and widdle away.

Blue senate gown beading how to

I’ve printed out a ton of reference photos as well just for this occasion, that way I have something to look at and compare too.

Blue senate gown reference beading shot

And lastly the progress. It doesn’t look like much, but believe it or not this is 12 hours worth of work so far! This will definately take a few weeks to complete. There is some more beading that has to be done around the satin layers but that more finishing touches I would imagine.

Blue senate gown beading front

Anyways, hopefully this won’t take super long and I run out of steam haha. I really want to see this costume done! My original guess on 2 gowns per year is really on the mark right now!