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Updates and Redos

Hello everyone!

So lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails sent my way about commissions and I get a lot of questions from other artists about what they charge and how they should go about it. Every artist is different, and no two do things exactly the same way. Basically, if someone emails me a request, I give them a quote. This is for how long I think said project will take me. Even if I charged myself $10 an hour, I don’t break even. Commissions take me at LEAST 20 hours if you are asking for a portrait, or photo realism, so when I quote someone a certain amount, I’m actually under cutting myself. Please remember this when you ask other artists to spend time of something that you want to spend time on because saying something is too expensive is literally like saying “Your time isn’t as important as mine”. Art takes time. It takes materials. It takes years of practice.

Anyways, I had to get that off my chest. People can just be really rude sometimes and not understand WHY they are being so rude!

This week was a bit of an undertaking. I’ve spent a lot of time scheduling things our and although I regret not spending as much time on certain things as I like, I’m happy to say that my business is going in a strong direction 🙂

After seeing the dress last week I decided that I HATE the 3/8″ inch ribbon. Far too think. So I went ahead and tore off the ribbon and purchased 1/8″ ribbon and put that on. And I am now a fan of it again 🙂

Blue Senate gown redid the front

I’m glad that I did this. The only small suck about the whole thing is that I made a small pen mark on where to put the 3/8″ ribbon and now it is totally smack dab right in the middle of everything. Granted, you can’t see it until you get closer, but it still bothers me. And there is no way around that either! Oh well.

Here are some of the art pieces I did this week as well 🙂






I’m really trying to put forth more effort in practicing what I am not good at. So lots of life sketching and what not. I will probably start doing some landscapes, and then some video game stuff but yeah. I’m on a roll I think!

Anyways, thank you all for tuning in! Lots of stuff is in the works on this end so I can’t wait to start showing you all!

Hope you all have a great day!

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