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More of the usual….

Hello all. I will admit, I have been running on half cylinders for a little bit. Crypticon was this passed weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN! Every year I go it is just a blast. I got to meet so many great people and everytime I leave I am just awe struck.

I got to meet Tony Todd, Kane Hodder AND Cassandra Peterson! I mean WOW!! What a line up!

cryption 3

Crypticon 2


And everyone was just so nice. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to everyone. I feel so full now 🙂

Lately I’ve been a little overwhelmed. It’s completely self induced let me assure you, but I’ve never been one to handle stress all that well. Usually what I end up doing is sitting and staring in to nothingness for a good long while. Or I just want alone time. But my fish is sick, I feel for all the lonely animals in the world, I feel too much.

Shortly, I will be getting a studio and I can’t tell you how excited I am for that. It’s been a long time coming. I need silence to be productive and lately with everyone in the house, my brain has been like a traffic jam.

Anyways, I always feel behind. Like I can never catch up and when I set my own schedule that’s not really all that healthy. I want to do 2 marvin pages a week, but I know that’s way over shooting myself. And all this other stuff and I of all people need to stop and small the roses.

This weeks art has been slim. I ended up taking a majority of the time to draw an Overwatch piece which I hope you enjoy.

Testing testing


Just nearly finished with the beading on this. Hopefully with the new studio I’ll be able to crank this one out in no time at all 🙂 That’s the plan anyways.

blue amidala dress

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