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Lazy Saturday

The busy season for me is finally over. The last 6 months have been a whirl wind really. I went from “trying to make it as an artist” to “What is happening, I can’t keep up” in about 2.5 seconds! I’m happy, so extraordinarily happy. But holy cow am I tired!


I went ahead and scheduled myself for 4 different events. That’s right, 4 places to show my work in public, I’ve never done that before, so I can honestly say, I was nervous. Very nervous. For two and a half years, I’ve been kept in my little office, chugging along, interaction with people that I mostly new in real life that support my work, but going from that to talking to people face to face really made me anxious.



Everyone has been so kind though. I’m not sure why I was worried. What really got me, was people I DIDN’T know in person were coming up to me and explaining to me how they love my work. So here I am, with what I thought was a tiny little reach, now expanded right before my eyes! It was a weird feelings.


I think what’s odd is the sequence of events. Because if I did anything in any other way, it wouldn’t have turned out the way it did. After doing the first event in Kent, I was approached my several people to have my work displayed in their galleries! You can find my work at The Rusty Raven, Artsy Fartsy Art Lessons, as well as Page Turner Books in Kent! Cool huh?!


Along with all of the good, there was very minimal things that happened that just plain sucked. I’m not going to lie, trusting people is hard to do but when they take advantage of that trust it sucks even more. I’ve learned some hard business lessons in the passed few months that I will never forget. I am thankful it didn’t cost more than it did, but dang, still hurts.


Right now I am working on some cool projects. I am trying to get back into some childrens book runs as well as keeping everything updated. The website looks pretty cool too huh? I didn’t do it myself but man! Looks awesome!


Thanks for reading my little update. I’ll keep this posted a lot more now that it looks absolutely stunning 🙂 Thank you for everything my little monsters!

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