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Updates all around!

I can’t be more happy with the weather lately. I love the humid rains that come this time of year, it really just gives everything new life! I’m a Washington gal so the more rain the better!

This week has been really busy but in good ways. Lots of things to come and I’m super excited about them 🙂

I’ve been slacking on the progress for sure on this gown. My main goal was to do 2 Amidala dresses per year. And in all honesty I’m right on track. So nothing is too far gone.

Here you can see that I’ve started on the top.

Blue Senate Gown top front

Because I lined all the bits and pieces with interfacing, it’s coming along quite finely.

Blue Senate Gown top back

Then I’ve been doing some more progress on the beading as well and I’m really liking where it’s going! I’ll have to go back over the whole thing and add those little clusters in the lines but all in all it’s coming along great! Plus I like those tedious things. 😛

Blue Senate Gown beading progress

Lastly I wanted to do my weekly art dump. These are some warmup pieces that I usually do at the beginning of each day. Do you all like seeing these? Would you rather them be in a different post like say, Tuesdays and separate from the sewing posts? Please let me know!



furiosa sketch


Well that’s it for me today. I’ve got a long day in store for me so wish me luck!

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Blue Amidala Gown – Progress

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well. Well, all of the 10 people that read my little progress in the first place. I think that what I’ll start doing is posting on Tuesday’s some art things that I’m working on then on Thursdays I will post about the sewing stuff. I really don’t think that I am in the right place to start 2 blogs going at one time so you’ll all just have to bear with me posting about all my crazy stuff that I’m working on in the first place!

Anyways, yesterday took a lot out of me because the velvet fabric is very stretchy. Also, I had about .01% left over fabric for the cause so that was a little nerve racking as well. So worried there for a little bit!

Blue Amidala Senate Gown pattern cut out

See? That’s crazy right? I was so nervous!

So, I ended up using this pattern from Simplicity.

Blue Amidala Senate Gown patterns for the gown

There were a few differences between what I wanted but over all I felt like it was a good fit. To be on the safe side I went ahead and cut the largest size that way I can have some wiggle room with the fit and size of the stand up collar. But I do know what you are saying, “Meescha, you should have made a mock up first” but in all honesty I just don’t have the motivation to do that right now. I’ve been on this project for 4 months straight, so having to sew something in a test fabric that I don’t have on hand at the moment only to sew it again really isn’t high on my priority list. So I think I’ll take my chances with what I have and make due 🙂

So I ended up cutting out all of the patterns pieces AND backing all of them with interfacing which unexpectedly took pretty much the entire day to do. I was a little disheartened at that. I did however repin the lapels on the skirt and I think that that looks much nicer.

Blue Amidala Senate Gown progress

Nevermind the messy room. Things.

Lastly, I got to do a little more work on the beading of the apron and I must admit that I am happy the way it’s coming out. I think I am at somewhere around 30 hours of beading on this so far. Yeah. I know. It’s still a lot of fun. I think it’s my favorite part to do! But still at least 10 more hours of beading on this end and I think I will call it good. I still have to do the beading on the shawl piece and that’s not as transportable as I would have liked.

Blue Amidala Senate Gown beading progress

I’ve been doing this while binging the tv show Salem on netflix. LOVE!!

Anyways, thank you for reading! Hopefully I’ll get something up on Tuesday art wise for everyone to see.

Have a great day!

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Velvet Overskirt Construction

Hello all!

This week has certainly been an interesting one. I won’t bore you with strenuous details, but life just keeps throwing curve balls! Oh well, more sewing was done. I admit, I was kind of burnt out of all the beading. I’ll get back to it once I take a little break from everything. I’d like to wear this ensemble to free comic book day and that’s about 3 weeks away. I think it’s totally doable but I still have to pace myself.

So basically to start the over skirt pattern I just messaged a couple squares and began my process. I know that I wanted to start the off with some cartridge pleats on the back because this is a 16th century inspired costume and there is a lot of fullness.

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt front panel cut out

This piece didn’t really require I pattern per say. It was just some calculated measuring. I ended up in the end interfacing the front panels to make then lay more flat but other than that this wasn’t too complicated. I sewed the two rectangles together and then began my cartridge pleating.

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt first run of bias tape

You start with the bias tape and so it on the RIGHT side of the fabric. Or at least that is how I do it 🙂 There is no right way or wrong way to go about this, it’s however you are comfortable.

Next I turn the fabric over and sew again.

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt Beginning of cartridge pleat construction

I chose this fabric specifically because of the color, and not because of the fiber content, so this velvet is really really stretchy. So using the bias tape really really made this process a ton easier.

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt cartridge pleating taking place

Next is just this simple task, of just pleating and hand sewing, which doesn’t take as long as you think but not as quick either!

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt back view cartridge pleating

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt back view

Once you are all done it should like something like this. It drapes rather well and I like the way it falls. Looks nice right?

Lastly, because this part took a lot of trial and error, I cut out the front panels as well. BOY! this was frustrating. The first one went together like a freaking angel, then the second one I had to redo it THREE times to make it lay right! I even had to cut out 2 sets of front panels as well. I really hope I have enough fabric for the jacket pieces. I think I do, but anyways, I’ll be finishing this skirt quite soon.

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt front panel construction

My original plan was to hand embroider the gold appliques to the front, but after getting started on that beading, I decided to forgo that idea and get some fairly accurate appliques instead. It only cost $44 to get something like 24 of them, but in the long run, I think it was worth it.

Lastly, I have to start thinking about the hair piece in the back. I don’t want to skimp out on that but this dress is already costing about $500 so I don’t want to splurge too much more.

Anyways, that’s as far as I got. I really want to work on this this weekend so that I can say that I’m leaving it in a good spot for next week. I feel like I’m just a tad behind the power curve.

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More and more beading

Unfortunately I didn’t get all of the beading done on this but I really would like to have this completed amidala gown done by Free Comic Book Day so at least I have a deadline 🙂

Here is the beading so far.

beading so far

I am comfortable saying that I am about 75% through the beading. After Emerald City Comic Con I’ll have more more excuses about not finishing this either! Next week my goal is to finish the beading as well as the skirt piece. And it shall be done! So help me!

I’m kind of freaking out about Overwatch right now. I’m really considering doing a cosplay from that but this is first! I really am enjoying this cosplay to the fullest!

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How I organize my beading kit.

Hello all!

This week I’ve been working on the beading for the Senate Gown and I knew it was either going to take me a few hours to do all of it and I was just over thinking it, or, like it actually is, is taking a whopping 12 hours SO FAR just to do what you see below. I know, I should have known. But this is the largest sewing project that I’ve undertaken by far so it is admittedly, a little intimidation.

Below I took a picture of how I’m organizing everything. That’s an old Almond Roca tin that I’m using so that it’s not complete mayhem. This way I can transport everything, and sit in front of the Netlfix all day and widdle away.

Blue senate gown beading how to

I’ve printed out a ton of reference photos as well just for this occasion, that way I have something to look at and compare too.

Blue senate gown reference beading shot

And lastly the progress. It doesn’t look like much, but believe it or not this is 12 hours worth of work so far! This will definately take a few weeks to complete. There is some more beading that has to be done around the satin layers but that more finishing touches I would imagine.

Blue senate gown beading front

Anyways, hopefully this won’t take super long and I run out of steam haha. I really want to see this costume done! My original guess on 2 gowns per year is really on the mark right now!

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Constructing Front “Apron” for Amidala Gown

Hello all! It’s been busy over here for sure. Lots of things to draw, things to try to draw, things I want to draw, and not nearly as much time as I want to sew! Yesterday I could get a few hours however on the front apron piece for the Amidala gown which made me happy. This piece will require a ton of embroidery and beading so I’m excited to get started on it. I wanted to do the blue velvet skirt as well, but I forgot to get some extra navy blue bias tape for that, but it’s ordered!

First I quickly draped the neck and torso piece for this. It was pretty simple, I feel like I’ve done this a billion times by now.

Amidala Apron patterns done

I just trimmed them up and cut them out of the fabric. I just measure center front and extended the front like so.

Amidala Apron cutting out front

Then the tedious task of interfacing and reinforcing and ironing commences. I will probably fast forward through this part.

Amidala Apron neck piece

Then the part where you sew the neck piece onto the neckline comes.

Amidala Apron sewing neck to bodice

Now the thing I wanted to get sorted out, and the part that honestly took the most effort, was getting the center front to lay flat. Because well, let’s face it, in the reference photos the center front lays flat. So, I didn’t think this would be a pickle but it ended up to be because of the bum roll.

Amidala Apron problems with side front laying flat

Amidala Apron Front apron look

As you can see, it protrudes out quite a bit in order to lay flat. I tried putting in darts, and that made it a little better but by no means was the problem fixed. So I ended up chopping off quite a bit on the sides and adding a tie and the bust area.

Amidala Apron figureing out front

Much better here.

Amidala Apron pinning to corset

Then the bust tie.

Amidala Apron solving the problems

And the hook and eyes of course

Amidala Apron hook and yes

I think what I’ll probably have to do here is either safety pin the apron down before I put on the velvet jacket but we will see. Anyways, Thank you for tuning in! Hopefully I’ll be able to do some beading on this piece!


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Blue Senate Gown- Making the Skirt

Hello! Well I seem to be pretty steady about this Thursday thing! At least I’m keeping up with that. I’ve been working on some charcoal pieces and I can’t wait to share that here. Anyways, back to the show. Yesterday I managed to make the Blue Senate Gown Overskirt and wanted to share in the progress. I didn’t really get nice and tight photos of the eyelets I sewed in the corset, but I did take some progress shots.

I took some photos of the completed under garments so you can see what they look like. As you can see, I went for long lasting and cheap. Because no one will be looking at these, I knew that I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on them anyways.

Alrighty here we go!

Blue Senate Gown full under garments front

This is what the front and back look like, so you can see the silhouette. It turned out quite well!

Blue Senate Gown Back view of sillouhette

I didn’t get a good photo of the eyelets after they were sewn but here you can take a closer look at how the corset laces up as well.

Blue Senate Gown eyelets in the back

Blue Senate Gown Corset up close

Not bad at all if you ask me!

Anyways, this week I made the skirt to sit on top of the hoop skirt. No one will see this either, however, I made it out of the apron fabric anyways just in case. Unfortunately, this will be the last of the ‘easy’ garments for this costume. Also, unfortunately, I didn’t quite get a good photo of the making of this either so I’ll do my best to explain.

Basically I just cut out a bunch of rectangles like this, I think I ended up using only 2 though and they were about 45″ by 40″ long.

Blue Senate Gown overskirt cut rectangle

Then I sewed the edges together so that they made a big circle and draped it over the mannequin.

I hand stitched the back gathers because I know that I needed the front to be as clean and flat as possible for the apron piece to sit nicely.

Blue Senate Gown sewing gathers at top of under skirt

Once I stitched it by hand I took it off and reinforced the stitching by machine. I marked where I wanted to hem to be, and I started to drape so that it was level on all sides.

This turned out to be the finished product, I’m still not 100% pleased but for a garment that no one will see, it’ll do the job nicely 🙂

Blue Senate Gown Over Skirt back

Blue Senate Gown Over skirt front

Blue Senate Gown Over skirt full body front

Anyways, next week I want to get a head start on the apron piece because I know that will be a lot of work in the long run with all the beading to do on it. I’m expecting it to either get done all in one day or having it take weeks!

As for the gold embroidery, I decided to do fake appliques, so we will see how that goes.

Anyways, like always, thank you so much for tuning in guys! Like always, peace.


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Construction a Corset


I must admit, that my art has been taking presidence as of late because well, I’ve been busy. And that’s why haha. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy but then again I like to sew to unwind a lot and it’s hard to do that when you have a lot of people wanting you to draw things and it’s amazing but there is only so much time in the day. SO! I have only been able to sew so much. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get into the fun stuff.

I could only manage to sew the lining into the corset with some bias tape I had laying around the house. I’m glad I did it this way, it really tied up all the lose ends. Really alls I did was pin the lining on, then pin the bias tape on, and turn on some Netflix and let it go! This took about 8 hours so far and I haven’t even gotten to the lining yet!I’ll be sure to post more soon. I apologize and the lull. I need to manage my time more.

Cut out the pattern!

Elizabethan Corset cut out pattern

Here I just marked my own lines for the boning. I added more than the pattern called more. Make sure it’s symmetrical.

Elizabethan Corset marking boning lines

Here I just sewed some lining and this is before I start pinning it together.

Blue Senate Gown Construction Corset lining on top of

Blue Senate Gown Construction Corset bias tape stitched on

Blue Senate Gown Construction Corset Lining

Blue Senate Gown Construction Corset bias tape hand stitch

This is more picture filled today then I like but there really wasn’t a whole lot to tell!

I hope everyone’s day is going splendidly!


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Making a Bum Roll

Hello all!

I know I’ve been a little lax in my blog making duties as of late. Lots of stuff has been happening and I’ve just been so busy. I do love to work but I do hate working on things that that I’d rather be working on something else. I’m a little ADD like that. I will try my very hardest to keep things going though. I will probably be blogging about my art more as well. Simply because this is my blog and I like posting what I’m working on 🙂

Anyways, on to the bum roll!

If you are curious as to what pattern I’m using, it’s this one 🙂 So follow along!


Alrighty, so I’m going to say this for sure but the bum roll is the easiest thing to make in this costume. By far.

All you do is cut out the pattern.

Bum Roll cutting out pattern

Get some extra bias tape, or string, whatever you have laying around and pin accordingly.

Bum Roll pinning the bum roll

Sew around the edge leaving space for the turning inside out part.

Bum Roll sewing around edges


Bum Roll sewn up no stuffing


Bum Roll stuffing the bum roll

And stuff full, really pack it in there.

Then stitch closed!

Bum Roll stitch up the open seam

It’s that simple! I kind of forget to take a picture of it on the dress form but I am also working on the corset as well and it’s taking up a little time. BUT! I’ll have pictures for you asap.

Thank you all for tuning in!

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Making a Chemise

Hello! Sorry for the skip on Tuesday’s post. I find myself swamped with comic work lately that its hard to keep up this week.

I did however manage to make a chemise for the Amidala Senate Gown however. I knew this was going to take a long time to make each piece but I’m still excited! Also all of the Kylo Ren pieces are coming together as well!

Surprisingly, this was a lot like making the hoop skirt! And super easy as well! It came together incredibly fast!

Amidala chemise  cutting out pattern

Always start with cutting out your pattern. The only hitch I saw was that I couldn’t find the gusset pattern with this, but it’s more than likely that one of my cats stole it. So I won’t worry too much. It’s just a square afterall 🙂

Amidala chemise sewing fronts together

Then like the hoop skirt, you sew the sides together on the front and back. And also like the hoop skirt I finished the edges with pinking shears 🙂

Amidala chemise  finishing detail

So far so good! Then I just added the gusset to the sleeve like this. Gussets are adding at moving parts of clothing that that have a lot of motion. i.e. crotch, armpit etc. They really help with everything if you can manage to put them in correctly!

Amidala chemise adding gusset

That was pretty easy 🙂

I tried it on under the hoop skirt already as well so you can see how it’s supposed to look!

Amidala chemise with hoop skirt

Adding the facing to the chemise was another story. I was having such a hard time because my fabric was thin and my interfacing was slightly stretchy, I didn’t manage to get photos of that while I was putting it in because it didn’t turn out the prettiest and I was getting frustrated. But! Luckily no one will be seeing this part of the costume so function is everything 🙂

Thank you so much for tuning in! I’ll be making the bum roll next, then the corset which I’m super excited to start. Hope everyone has a great day!