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More of the usual….

Hello all. I will admit, I have been running on half cylinders for a little bit. Crypticon was this passed weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN! Every year I go it is just a blast. I got to meet so many great people and everytime I leave I am just awe struck.

I got to meet Tony Todd, Kane Hodder AND Cassandra Peterson! I mean WOW!! What a line up!

cryption 3

Crypticon 2


And everyone was just so nice. I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to everyone. I feel so full now 🙂

Lately I’ve been a little overwhelmed. It’s completely self induced let me assure you, but I’ve never been one to handle stress all that well. Usually what I end up doing is sitting and staring in to nothingness for a good long while. Or I just want alone time. But my fish is sick, I feel for all the lonely animals in the world, I feel too much.

Shortly, I will be getting a studio and I can’t tell you how excited I am for that. It’s been a long time coming. I need silence to be productive and lately with everyone in the house, my brain has been like a traffic jam.

Anyways, I always feel behind. Like I can never catch up and when I set my own schedule that’s not really all that healthy. I want to do 2 marvin pages a week, but I know that’s way over shooting myself. And all this other stuff and I of all people need to stop and small the roses.

This weeks art has been slim. I ended up taking a majority of the time to draw an Overwatch piece which I hope you enjoy.

Testing testing


Just nearly finished with the beading on this. Hopefully with the new studio I’ll be able to crank this one out in no time at all 🙂 That’s the plan anyways.

blue amidala dress

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Updates all around!

I can’t be more happy with the weather lately. I love the humid rains that come this time of year, it really just gives everything new life! I’m a Washington gal so the more rain the better!

This week has been really busy but in good ways. Lots of things to come and I’m super excited about them 🙂

I’ve been slacking on the progress for sure on this gown. My main goal was to do 2 Amidala dresses per year. And in all honesty I’m right on track. So nothing is too far gone.

Here you can see that I’ve started on the top.

Blue Senate Gown top front

Because I lined all the bits and pieces with interfacing, it’s coming along quite finely.

Blue Senate Gown top back

Then I’ve been doing some more progress on the beading as well and I’m really liking where it’s going! I’ll have to go back over the whole thing and add those little clusters in the lines but all in all it’s coming along great! Plus I like those tedious things. 😛

Blue Senate Gown beading progress

Lastly I wanted to do my weekly art dump. These are some warmup pieces that I usually do at the beginning of each day. Do you all like seeing these? Would you rather them be in a different post like say, Tuesdays and separate from the sewing posts? Please let me know!



furiosa sketch


Well that’s it for me today. I’ve got a long day in store for me so wish me luck!

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Velvet Overskirt Construction

Hello all!

This week has certainly been an interesting one. I won’t bore you with strenuous details, but life just keeps throwing curve balls! Oh well, more sewing was done. I admit, I was kind of burnt out of all the beading. I’ll get back to it once I take a little break from everything. I’d like to wear this ensemble to free comic book day and that’s about 3 weeks away. I think it’s totally doable but I still have to pace myself.

So basically to start the over skirt pattern I just messaged a couple squares and began my process. I know that I wanted to start the off with some cartridge pleats on the back because this is a 16th century inspired costume and there is a lot of fullness.

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt front panel cut out

This piece didn’t really require I pattern per say. It was just some calculated measuring. I ended up in the end interfacing the front panels to make then lay more flat but other than that this wasn’t too complicated. I sewed the two rectangles together and then began my cartridge pleating.

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt first run of bias tape

You start with the bias tape and so it on the RIGHT side of the fabric. Or at least that is how I do it 🙂 There is no right way or wrong way to go about this, it’s however you are comfortable.

Next I turn the fabric over and sew again.

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt Beginning of cartridge pleat construction

I chose this fabric specifically because of the color, and not because of the fiber content, so this velvet is really really stretchy. So using the bias tape really really made this process a ton easier.

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt cartridge pleating taking place

Next is just this simple task, of just pleating and hand sewing, which doesn’t take as long as you think but not as quick either!

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt back view cartridge pleating

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt back view

Once you are all done it should like something like this. It drapes rather well and I like the way it falls. Looks nice right?

Lastly, because this part took a lot of trial and error, I cut out the front panels as well. BOY! this was frustrating. The first one went together like a freaking angel, then the second one I had to redo it THREE times to make it lay right! I even had to cut out 2 sets of front panels as well. I really hope I have enough fabric for the jacket pieces. I think I do, but anyways, I’ll be finishing this skirt quite soon.

Blue Senate Gown Overskirt front panel construction

My original plan was to hand embroider the gold appliques to the front, but after getting started on that beading, I decided to forgo that idea and get some fairly accurate appliques instead. It only cost $44 to get something like 24 of them, but in the long run, I think it was worth it.

Lastly, I have to start thinking about the hair piece in the back. I don’t want to skimp out on that but this dress is already costing about $500 so I don’t want to splurge too much more.

Anyways, that’s as far as I got. I really want to work on this this weekend so that I can say that I’m leaving it in a good spot for next week. I feel like I’m just a tad behind the power curve.

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Patchwork Jacket: Completed

I do apologize! I know I said every Monday and Wednesday but I ended up working on some commissions and what not, so you know haha, bills to pay!

Anyways, onto what I HAVE done!

This is the Patchwork Jacket all completed.

I ended up buying these amazing hand made beads off of etsy! Please check out this amazing store!

Here’s a close up of them, I apologize I had to use her image directly, I tried to take a close up image myself but it came out all blurry. I wanted to do them justice!!


Anyways, so I put the finishing touches on the jacket with these buttons. All I really did was hand stitch the sleeve lining and hood on, so you didn’t miss much 🙂 Here I’ll show you how I line up the buttons on the front.

Patchwork Jacket button close up

It’s super easy, so basically I just took a ruler and and spaced them out evenly and marked them off like so.

Patchwork Jacket button alignment

Then test out your button holes. I did and I STILL had a hard time with making them look even. Just take your time and you should be fine!

And this is the finished product!

Patchwork Jacket Finished Front

Patchwork Jacket Side view

Patchwork Jacket back view

I am in LOVE with this jacket! There are a few things that I’d like to change. One of the draw backs of using a jacket pre made pattern is that you don’t really know if it’s a 100% or not. I rarely have the patience to create my own pattern anymore so it’s my own fault. The sleeves are a little snug so I can’t really where layers underneath the jacket, but on the other hand this jacket does keep you very warm so it’s not ‘too’ bad.

All in all I’m in love. Best jacket I’ve made yet! I’ll be using some of the extra patchwork fabric to make an A line skirt and I even got 6 more yards just to have around for who knows what! I love it so much!

I do hope everyone has a great day 🙂

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Velvet Patchwork Coat- Construction

Hello all!

I didn’t have all the materials that I needed to finish the Crimson Peak gown so started sewing another project that I’ve been wanting to do for a while which is to use this fabric for something!

Velvet Patchwork Coat fabric

Now at first when I got this fabric, I wasn’t a fan. It was stiff, linty, and just felt synthetic. Which it is, BUT! I washed it TWICE with some salt and vinegar to help loosen things up and then put it at full temperature in the dryer and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the softest more amazing fabric I’ve ever had the pleasure of sewing with! It’s so lovely that I probably will purchase a whole bolt so that I can use it for future goodness 🙂

Because I was using up some scrap fabric that I’ve had laying around for quite some time, I decided to go with a nice cotton lining. It’s soft, breathable, and it’ll hold it’s own. Plus I like interesting linings 🙂

Velvet Patchwork Coat lining fabric

I’m not going to be too creative with the pattern with this so I am using the pattern I used for the White Mage coat. It worked well enough!

Velvet Patchwork Coat pattern

Because the fabric is so thin (again), yes, I am lining it with some fleece, BUT!! I am lining with just one layer, because then I can layer up or down if need be. So here I am, lining my pieces once again. Don’t forget, leave the bottom open!

Velvet Patchwork Coat Sewing fleece lining

I wanted to use up some more scraps so I grabbed some acetate velvet that I knew that I was never going to use and decided to line the sleeve cuffs with them like so.

Velvet Patchwork Coat blue velvet cuffs 2

Now, velvet loves to show you where it’s been sewn on, meaning that you can see the seam lines quite easily. So lots of times with people sew on velvet, they like to use a Blind stitch or hide the seam in some way.

I chose to turn the piece over, and stitch right across this way. I like the look of it 🙂

Velvet Patchwork Coat blue velvet cuffs

Once that was sewn on, I just stitched up the seam to see the effect! Nice right?

Velvet Patchwork Coat Sleeve blue velvet cuff2

I did get pretty far with this jacket I must admit. It’s coming along nicely. I had some thinking to do about closures and what not and ended up finding the PERFECT buttons on etsy which I will show you all gladly once I get them in the mail. But in the mean time here is how far I got 🙂 Hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

Velvet Patchwork Coat back unfinished

Velvet Patchwork Coat front unfinished view

Thanks for tuning in!

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White Mage Coat- Step One: Construction

I saw this coat a few years ago on Pinterest and I fell in love with it. I am not sure who the artist is, but if anyone knows please let me know so that I can give them credit! But these particular characters are from of of my favorite games of all time Final Fantasy 9. There is a particular part where Garnet prances around in this robe and the design is just so adorable. I had to get my own take on it.


I ended up getting the fabric a while ago, and by a while I mean about 2 years ago, and never got around to making it. And because I will be doing a lot more BIG projects here coming soon, I wanted some more room in my little sewing area.

Deciding on fabric was fairly simple. I chose some Monks Cloth for the red and white fabric, and some satin for the lining. Eventually, I caved in and lined everything with fleece because I hate being cold!

Fabric Swatches

What I didn’t get pictures of was that I just gave the monks cloth a tea bath to make it a little more vintage looking. I quite like the result.

Then, because I was having a particularly lazy afternoon, instead of making the pattern, I decided to just use one I had off hand. It worked out quite well!

Pattern used

I think I ended up changing the center front to an exposed zipper, but that is neither here nor there. I like the look >.< Anyways, moving on, I started with the same method I used with the Sherlock Coat, and backed all the pieces with the fleece and sewed everything but the bottom together which gave me the bodice you see here. Which makes me love this fabric even more. seam allowance

To which I told myself that I wanted pockets and a little more flair, so I tore the side seam open about to the waist on both sides and added a little extra flair and some pockets. You can see that here.

Side seam pocekts

Next I made a small Diamond pattern to cut out the red diamond pieces. I cut them out, about 15-20, then backed them all with interfacing, because if I sewed them to each other, it would create even more bulk.

Red diamond

Then, I marked the waist on the bodice and pinned the diamonds where I wanted them to go.

bodice complete

back view of bodice

To create the slight “flair” look I wanted, I thought that I’d hand stitch the waist with some embroidery thread with a simple basting stitch and gathered the waist together just a little more. I like the effect it gives!!

Side view of bodice

I’ll stop there for now. It would be an awfully long blog post if I keep going. But this jacket was sure a lot of fun to do!

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything or have any recommendations!

Have a great one! Thanks for reading!

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Sherlock Coat: First Fitting

Boy was this a dozy. I suppose in the term of first fittings though, I’ve seen worse.

Basically what I did was cut out a size 38 for Cody based on his measurements, traced out the pattern onto some patterning paper, and hoped for the best.

I should have measure Cody’s enormously huge torso and shoulder measurements because this guy has some broad shoulders. Like Matt Damon in Bourne Identity.

Anyways. So here’s a front view of the jacket. Not too bad.

front view coat

Here is another view on the pulling shoulder.

Pulling shoulder

You see a lot of bunching on the shoulder area so I had to remove it and repin it so that the bunching would go away. I think I will probably have to tweak the armhole just a tad, but I want to fix the main issue first.

Shoulder relaxed and repinned

Here is looks better. I’m a little more confidant about the armhole placement but we will see when I make the second muslin. Also, the notches are different. I am glad the I caught that sooner rather than later. Sherlock’s coat has the notches pointing right at the shoulder point where as this one has rounded sluggish notches. Gotta move those!

The back was another problem.

Back view coat

The center back seam was completely wonky. His shoulders were just too big. So I matched up the grain lines and added some muslin to compensate for the girth. This made the yoke tilt in an odd direction that I didn’t like so I then marked where I want the new seam to be. This caused yet another (blurry) problem.

New neckline

The neckline. Just 100% gross. None of it matched up. It was pulling away from his body in the front and it just looked nasty. So I am adjusting the neckline to compensate for the added inches.

Other than that, the hemline was easy to mark, and I liked the flow of the bottom half. If I added too much more fabric it would be a little too skirt like, and I didn’t want that.

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great night!

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How to: Dye large quantities of Fabric

Hello all! Sorry about the small hiatus. It seems that everyone was born in November for some reason so I’ve been doing a lot of celebrating 🙂

Anyways, this won’t be a huge post. I just wanted to shed a little light about how I do large quantities of fabric dying.

At the manufacturers, when they dye fabric, they do it in large rotating silo’s with chemical dyes. Now, they have to number each batch because continuity is an issue, and they compare each swatch to each batch that comes out. It’s an arduous process. You can check out more about the dyeing fabric here.I’d add an image to show you but I don’t like taking without permissions haha.

Anyways, So I purchased 8 yards of this brown houndstooth fabric for the sherlock coat.

unnamed (3)

Now, usually, you can only get around 8-10 yards in a continuous bolt, so dyeing large quantities you are limited to that. Unless you dye them all together. I personally prefer the washing machine method for this. It’s big enough to hold most fabric quantities that anyone would need. (most) and most nowadays have a temperature setting so you can make the dye bath super hot.

unnamed (1)

A general rule of thumb is hot makes something absorb or wash away, cold makes it set. Hot water to dye, cold water to set. Try to keep this in mind.

The way I do this is I set my fabric in the washer, and I like to spread it out so that there are no folded spots and that the dye will get into all the nooks and crannies.

Then I start the washer, and make sure that the setting I set it at is at its hottest. Then I wait for the washer to fill up with water and make sure all of the fabric is saturated before adding the RIT dye.

RIT has also come out with a synthetic dye as well that may help everyone dyeing synthetics. If you don’t know if your fabric is synthetic, I recommend doing a burn test. This chart is very helpful.


Let the washing machine run it’s course. You may have to use more than one bottle depending on your desired saturation level, in this case, I used 4 bottles.

unnamed (6)

The fabric came out just a tad darker. Not as much as I would have hoped. I think there may be more polyester in the content than what the website gives. Which doesn’t matter to me much. I think I will probably try to get some of RIT’s synthetic dye and see what that will do. As of now that I am 75% happy with the shell fabric.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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A little bit of Organizing with a lot of Results

Hello there!

I am hoping everyone’s week has been going well! I apologizing about not posting yesterday like I promised. You see, my cat has taken a liking to peeing all over one of the flannel shirts that I dip dyed the other day. I’m not sure why, but it’s just the one shirt, so I had to watch everything again yesterday.

Anyways, I did take the entire day off yesterday as well. I know, normal people don’t take days off in the middle of the week, but I find it hard to sit down and take a break. Cody was nice enough to accompany me as well because he didn’t feel well. So it was the perfect day off! video games, Cody, and awesome all around 🙂

Amazon is supplying a lot of my ideas for ammunition for this blog so I suggest if you are looking for inspiration to either browse Pinterest for a few or go to Amazon and see what’s on sale!

Alrighty, first I’ll show you the shirts after they came out of the dryer today. Pardon the bad lighting.

blue dyed shirt

Dyed red shirt

I like this much better. It really pumps up the classiness of the shirt I think.

Anywho, on what I did today!

I seem to have this issue to always “OVER BUY”. I have too much fabric, and I have to share my dresser with another person (Cody) so really I only have a small amount of space for clothes and fabric! For someone crafty like me, this is truly a travesty. Now of course, there are ways around this. As someone who hates clutter, but loves to have craft supplies and clothing, this is the everyday battle for the modern woman.

Today I chose to tackle the the fabric.
This is what it looked like before.

before shot clothing

Not very appealing. Whenever guests came over it was an eye sore.

So I purchased these guys off of Amazon. They are regular sorting bins for toys and such.

what I bought for shelves

I tried to follow the directions but the stupid ikea some assembly required crap was getting to me, so I just got a hammer and hoped for the best.

built and ready

After what was supposed to be a 30minute build time, this took me almost and hour. But you know what? I’m proud of it 🙂 Still have extra parts left over but I DON’T CARE!

in place after built

Here is is all ready and set to go!

organized after

It’s a little bit bigger than what I thought would turn out, but I like all the empty space and that I can see what I am looking for without things toppling over. All in all, I’m happy 🙂 Again, wish it was just a tad smaller. I may have to fill up those spaces and I don’t want the opportunity to do so!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Copying a Pattern the Easy way- Tutorial

My mother came up to me and asked if I could make a lining for these sundresses that she got. They were from a popular magazine that she looks through. Because it’s getting so hot out right now, it made sense. Heck, if I had more money, I’d do the exact same thing! She tried one of for me though, and I was a little dumbfounded. The dress itself is adorable but it was 50% see through. Talk about breezy!

original dress

Then here, you can see the opacity.

see through

Crazy right? Not sure who in their right minds would wear this. So I got to work.

I knew that I wanted something other than cotton lining because this fabric is so light and fluffy the two would just stick together like glue because of static electricity. So I brain stormed and came up with Bamboo fabric.

bamboo fabric

This fabric is perfect for hot weather, and also is easy to wash and sew, and is anti clingy. DOUBLE PLUS!

I bought a few yards.

tracing patterns

I found the dresses center front and I laid that down on the edge of the folded fabric. Making sure that my side seams match up.


My cat is jackass by the way.

chalk outline

Use a ruler and make sure that your chalk outline is squared off, as add your seam allowance. I went with a standard 1/2″.

Repeat this step with the back as well. This dress has no zipper, so I don’t have to worry about anything. Simple designs call for simple construction.

serge edges

I went ahead and serged my edges on the patterns themselves for a couple reasons. 1. looks nicer on the inside. 2. easier to sew 3. Armholes would be easier to fold, pin and finish.
Whenever you get the chance always finish your edges.

press top stich

At this part, I sewed the armhole seams together, then turned them over and top stitched them down. It will be more comfortable for the wearer and overall look nicer as well.

lace hem

The design altogether is pretty bland if you ask me. So, LACE! I will always put lace on something to jazz it up. Don’t judge me, join me.

top stitch

Same thing here, flip over and top stitch the lace down. It just looks better! Trust yourself. Lace will be your friend if you finish the edges. Just do it!

dress finished

dress hem

In all honesty, this project only took about an hour. It’s as simple as looking at something for years, and never wearing it, or getting up and doing something about it. Now, the two dresses compliment each other as well as separately, and she can now wear what she bought without wasting money. Simple, easy, and no fuss. BOOM! I hope you learned something 🙂

Please let me know what you think in the comments! What would you like to see?