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Comic Book Review Lady Killers

Hello all!

Today I wanted to do a little comic review, because I read a lot of comics and I feel that most of my readers will be interested in some of the ones that I have been reading as well! Don’t get me wrong, I do love to read my novels but sometimes you can’t beat a nice hour sit down to enjoy some incredible artwork and story.

The synergy between artist and writer is something that is very magnetic. Sometimes writers and artists gel together, and sometimes they don’t. I find that in most cases the writer has it easy however. After finishing my first comic a few months ago, which took me over 9 months to finally complete, I discovered that writers DON’T have as easy as I originally thought. Simple things like adding character names early on, and adding information, it is really a multi level thing.

Alrighty, the comic I’m reviewing today is Lady Killers by Joelle Jones and Jamie Rich.


Might I add that not only is Joelle the prettiest person in the world, she is the nicest!

Onto Lady Killers.

It’s a story about a 1950’s housewife who is also a government employed assassin. If that doesn’t catch you then I don’t know what will. the story is solid, and Joelle’s art really brings it together. She is one of the few remaining artists that still does everything traditionally by doing everything by hand, ink and paper. You really have to respect that.

This story follows Josie and her how she interacts with have both a normal loving wife life, and a deadly killer. The action scenes are extremely dynamic and catch the eye. My only qualm with it is that there isn’t any more than I can read right now! And I do consider myself to be a lucky person because my favorite genre to read is Horror, and Joelle does mostly that! Lucky me!

All in all, I recommend Lady Killers to anyone that likes quirky 50’s style stories with a little risque twists. It’s like Mad men meets kill bill in all honesty.


If you want to check out more of Joelle’s work, she updates her tumblr here.

And please check out some of her other work while you are out!



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