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July 2018 Site Update has been updated. These changes were made to both better the user experience and move to an https secure server. I believe you will now have better access to Meescha's art, the store, and the blog. Thank you for your support of the site and check-out the new layout and design.

There are several new prints up in the shop including the 80s X-Men prints, Pride Panda, and some new animal succulent prints.  Feel free to respond to this post with other things you would like to see on the site. Meescha and I will see we can do to accommodate you.

--Web Admin Dan

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ECCC can't stop you from buying Meescha's beautiful watercolor prints!  She doesn't have a booth so we are offering you 20% off all prints in the store from March 1st to 4th. Use coupon code "ECCC". 

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Originals Sale

Hello Meescha Mouse art lovers, its Webmaster Dan.  Thank you for helping me test the new store.  The store has many more features and I just used it to upload 30 pieces of original art. These are one of a kind so when one is sold it is gone for good.

We appreciate your business and I created the coupon code "Originals" for 10% any original piece. The sale ends on March 2nd. 

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20% off for Beta-Testers

Oz is pulling  back the curtain for this sale. I'm Dan and I help Meescha with the website. I have spent the last couple of days upgrading her store. We need your help to beta-test the store. Meescha can't give away her prints but she agreed to help me by offering you a 20% discount on all purchases if you use the coupon code TESTER . In addition, for all orders over $20 she will throw in a 5x7 print from her backstock. If you have been waiting to get your hands on Meesha's, wait no longer. Thank you for your help. If you get lost, just click on the ugly red box and it will bring your right back to the new shop main page. 

The sale ends Thursday at midnight. 

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New Year, New Goals!

I am loving the new start!


I’m going to Japan later this month for the first time and I am so excited!

My new years resolutions never really change. I mainly just want to do 800% sales ( I did 600% sales in 2017 from 2016 so I want to do it again!) and also I want to maintain more things. Like this blog, and I want to do more outfit posts as well because I am a fashion nerd. Also I want to double my Patreon reach!! So lets hope for that!


With that I am having so much inspiration it’s crazy. Mostly Japanese inspired but that’s not a surprise!.



I’m also doing some geisha prints right now too so I think I may have them available as a set.


What do you use for inspiration? What are your New Years resolutions?