Meet Meescha

Meescha Dare is an artist, a writer, and a nerd, who has made it a lifestyle to know all things when it comes to this growing niche.

As a graduate from the International Academy of Design and Technology Seattle, with a BA in Fine Arts, her skills have a multitude of uses, including art, clothing design and having the ability to bring those designs to life by creating the outfits herself. She is also known as a fountain of all knowledge when it comes to the many comic universes, including Marvel, DC and Dark Horse, upon which she acquired while working at her local comic book shop and still works today.

When not chatting up customers about the latest indie comic installments, Meescha can be found painting and honing her skills while watching the famous painter, Bob Ross on her TV, with her cats, Shrodinger and Pyewhacket, play around her home. She has set herself apart from others with her work, as in every painting, a small monster of some type can be found, whether it be a well known creature of old, or something she thought cute and belonged frolicking amongst the flowers. She has also created and sold her “2 Cute 2 Die” series of prints that have become popular at the comic shop where she works. In recent months, it is this series that has expanded into her local tattoo parlor, where she has sold more of these prints to pleased customers.

Having made her mark as what she calls “adorable darkness”, Meescha looks towards the future with her artwork that is constantly growing in its popularity and that will hopefully pull her towards her ultimate goals of becoming a self employed artist, living in the middle of no where with her pet lynx named Jojo.